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Can I Pick Up Package From UPS Before Delivery?

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United Parcel Service (UPS) is one of the biggest parcel delivery service providers in the world. It has millions of customers from all over the world. The best thing about UPS is that it provides excellent delivery service to its customers and never causes any kind of delay in delivering the packages. That is the reason why UPS people from all over the world always prefer to choose UPS when they need to deliver mail or packages.

Can I Pick Up A Package From UPS Before Delivery?

Since UPS has a lot of branches in the US it is seen that many customers want to directly pick their package from the branch office itself apart from waiting for UPS representative to deliver the package at their home or office. That is the reason why it is seen there is one common question that people very often used to ask – Can you pick up packages from UPS?

If you are a customer of UPS and if you also have the same question in your mind then you must know that – Yes! UPS allows its customer to pick up their packages from their office before the delivery. Actually what happens is that it sometimes becomes convenient for the people who stay near the UPS office to pick up the package directly from the office and thus they do not want to wait for the package to get delivered at their residence.

UPS Delivery Intercept :

UPS comes up with an excellent service which is called as UPS delivery intercept. In this service, the customers have the facility to interrupt their package at the last moment with the help of an automated tracking system. Sometimes a customer may need to change something at the last moment before their mail gets delivered to the recipient. In such a case it becomes possible for the customer to do the required changes with their packages. The following are some kind of changes that the customers will be able to go through UPS delivery intercept:

  • Return to sender: If in the last moment the sender decides that the mail or package should not be delivered to the recipient then with the help of UPS delivery intercept the package can be delivered to the sender.
  • Reschedule the delivery: If the sender does not want the package to be delivered on the scheduled day then with the help of the UPS delivery intercept service he can easily hold the package for some time and can reschedule the delivery date of the package as per his convenience.
  • Deliver the package to a different address: Sometimes it may also happen that after sending the package the sender may realize that he had sent the package to a wrong address or the recipient’s address has changed. In such a case, it becomes necessary to stop the package and correct the address of the recipient. UPS allows you to do that with the help of the UPS delivery intercept option.
  • Will call: This is another excellent service with the help of which you can hold the shipment of your package or mail so that the consignee can pick up the package from the UPS office.

Now the biggest question is how you can pick up the package from the UPS office before mail is delivered to the recipient. All that the shipper has to do to stop the packages to be delivered is to request for package intercept before the final delivery either via the web or by phone call.

Apart from the above-mentioned service the UPS also has two other excellent services such as:

  • Redirecting package to preferred UPS location: If you are a member of UPS My Choice Membership then it can also become possible for you to redirect the package to any of your preferred UPS access point location before UPS deliver the packages to the recipient. With the help of UPS My Choice Membership the customer can also select a default location for sending the package for free.
  • Hold for pick up: UPS also comes up with hold for pickup service with the help of which it becomes possible for the customer to hold their package for an additional five days without any extra charges. All that you need to do is to call the customer care and request them to hold the package. When the recipient becomes ready for pick up the sender can call the customer care and tell them to give the package to the recipient. In such a case, the recipient needs to take the ID proof along with them for picking up the package from the UPS office. The recipient can take any Government-issued photo ID such as driving license, passport, military ID, etc. In case the recipient wants to send their representative they can do by giving an authorizing letter to the recipients for releasing the package.

Picking Up Package Before Delivery

The UPS provides the best delivery service in the united states. Since a lot of customers are connected to this service and they have raised many questions like would they be able to pick up their packages from the UPS office before the item is delivered? The answer to this question is quite clear that is YES!! You can pick up your package before its delivery to your home or office.

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