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United States Postal Service acronym as USPS is certainly one of the most trusted postal service and courier delivery service providers in the world. Being so reputed service holders in the world it is obvious that every customer of USPS has a belief that their mail or package will be delivered safely and on time. It is true that customer has no doubt on the service and genuine of USPS but still they want to get a receipt of confirmation delivery in return especially when the customer will send any important, legal or confidential mail or letter to someone. In such a case it is obvious that everyone will want their document to be reached safely and this is where the concept of Certified mail service arises. In this article, we have discussed every detail of the Certified mail service of USPS or certified mail return receipt.

Certified Mail Return Receipt :

The certified mail return receipt is an outstanding service that USPS provides to its customers. In this kind of service, USPS provides confirmation of the delivery of the certified mail of the customers. In the certified mail return receipt, you will get a lot of information about the delivery of your mail or document. For example, you will various kind of information service such as:

  • The signature of the recipient: With this, the customer of USPS will come to know whether the mail or document was received by the intended recipient or not. Sometimes it is seen that the USPS carrier delivers the mail to the delivery address without judging whether the recipient is the actual intended receiver or not. In such a case, there remain maximum chances that the mail or document falls on the wrong hand. But when the customer gets the signature of the recipient they can easily determine whether the intended recipient has received the mail or not. If the intended recipient did not receive the mail or document then the sender of the mail can take appropriate measure but without the signature of the recipient in the return recipient, there is no way that the sender knows who had received his mail or document.
  • The address of the recipient: The next vital that you receive in the certified mail return receipt is the address of the recipient where the mail or document is delivered. From this, the sender can easily understand whether their document or mail is delivered to the correct address or not.
  • Delivery Date of the mail item: In the certified mail return receipt the sender of the mail or document will also get the delivery date of the mail item. From this, the sender can easily guess how much time USPS has taken to deliver the mail or document to the recipient.
  • Delivery Time of the mail item: Apart from the delivery date the customer of USPS will also receive the delivery time as well. Knowing the delivery time also sometimes becomes very essential for the sender and hence certified mail return receipt provides the time along with the date.

What Do The Customers Need To Do To Receive a Certified Mail Return Receipt?

After knowing the details of certified mail return receipt the next essential thing that you must is how to receive it. Hence we have come with every detail that you need to do for getting certified mail return receipt which is discussed as follows:

  • The first thing that the USPS customer needs to do for receiving the certified mail is to go to the Post Office at his or her nearest branch and request for it.
  • USPS customers can also get certified mail return receipts from his home or office as well. The customer will also be able to put the receipt in the collection box receptacle. In such a case, the Aviation Mail Security will be applied.
  • The certified mail return receipt can also be handed over to any of the staff of the post office. But you must remember that that the postage that is attached to the envelope has a certified fee and also the postage.
  • You will not get a valid certified mail return receipt from USPS which is actually the confirmation of the payment of the service until and unless it is sent from the Post Office.
  • You will be able to but the certified mail form while mailing your package. You will get PS Form 3811 in case there are Adult Signature options.

This is how you will get certified mail return receipt which is one of the most essential and important USPS services especially when you need to send important, crucial and confidential documents.

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