File A Change Of Address For An International Address

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Whenever any person changes his or her address it becomes their responsibility to inform their friends, relatives and near and dear ones about their new address. In the US, almost every person sends or receives mail through USPS as it is one of the most esteemed postal service providers in the country. There may be many people who send you mail very often and if it is so then there is no harm to let them know that you have changed your address. In case you are planning to change your address then also you should tell about your plan to those persons whom you expect to send you any mail or package. But it is also important to inform the relevant authorities about your change of address. For informing the relevant authorities it is required to write a letter or call the officials or fill the online form that is available on the website. Though there are various options to change your address most people prefer to do it online by filling the form available online.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to change the international address. What actually happens is that sometime it may happen that you do not get time to change your address before you move to an International country. In such a case once you move to that international country you have to change the address. In such case changing the international address becomes necessary. Hence USPS customers should also know the process of change of address for international address. The process of change of international address is totally different from the change of domestic address. Thus in this article, we have discussed various details about how to file a change of address for USPS international address.

How Can You File A Change Of Address For The International Move?

The process of change of address is quite straightforward and you can change the address by both online and offline.  It is true that changing the address online is quite easier and quicker. But you cannot change the international address online. Hence for International Change of Address (COA), you have no option other than visiting the post office. If you have any plan to change any of the international address then you must visit the Post Office personally.

Once you visit your nearest USPS branch for international Change of Address (COA) then you have to go through the steps mentioned below:

  1. Going to the nearest post office
  2. After you visit the post office you have to fill out PS Form 3575
  3. If you forget to fill-up the form for change of address before moving to your new international address and have already moved to your new address then you must write a letter to both USPS and the nearest postal organization of your new address.
  4. In the letter, you must have to explain the whole situation in detail why you could not change the address.
  5. In the letter, you must also highlight how and when you wish your mail or package to be forwarded.
  6.  It is also important to provide all the necessary information that you need to change the address.

Change International Address

As we already talk about the change of the address for the international address. We hope this post will help you out with all of your problems. Stay tuned with us for more such informative articles.

PS Form 3875:

Many people have asked about the PS form 3875. So, for that kind question, we should tell you that this is the form that you will get at any USPS post office to edit the address for your international address. You need to go to the office and fill all the mandatory formalities and give it back to any usps worker at the office.

Conclusion :

This is how you can change your address even from another country. There is no problem to file a Change of Address (COA) for an international move.  Hence from that above process, it is seen that filing a change of address for an easy process and all you need to do is to go to your nearest post office and fill-up the form for change of address.

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