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United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the most reputed names in the whole postal delivery service providers in the United States. Due to its exceptional service Americans use to choose USPS whenever they need to send some parcel or may other important documents to someone. USPS, though a US-based company, yet is not restricted to the United States alone. It is present all over the world and also has millions of customers across the globe. The best thing about USPS is that since its inception USPS has been giving its full effort to satisfy its customers and it works 365 days a year for delivering the parcels and documents of its customers on time. Due to its outstanding service USPS has become so reputed and famous across the world. But during Christmas times it really becomes very difficult for USPS to maintain as load increases tremendously during that time. As such USPS has come up with Christmas shipping deadline during Christmas times so that every parcel of the customer can be delivered before Christmas Day.

USPS Christmas Shipping deadlines 2019 :

Christmas Day is celebrated on 25 December and since it is not far away USPS has already set up the Christmas shipping deadline for the year 2019. So it becomes very essential for all customers of USPS to know the USPS as after that date it will not be possible to send any package through USPS or even if you send it will not reach the recipient before Christmas Day. But before understanding the deadline it will be better if you can understand the time that USPS requires for sending the packages during normal times. Actually USPS has a number of mail delivery services and the time requires to deliver the package varies as per the category of the mail service. The following table shows the time that USPS requires for delivering various types of the mail services of USPS to its recipient:

Types of Mail Service Time requires to send the mail
USPS Retail Ground 2-8 days
First-Class Mail 1-2 days
Media Mail 2-8 days
Priority Mail 1-3 days
Priority Mail Express 1-2 days


Based on the number of days that USPS requires delivering each category of mail or package the deadline is set for every category of mail service. USPS not only set the deadlines for the normal mail service but also set the last day for priority mail Christmas. The customer should know these deadlines for planning the shipment accordingly.

USPS Deadlines For Christmas 2019 :

As a USPS customer you must know USPS Christmas mailing deadlines 2019 because if you go to send your product beyond these dates then USPS will not take your order and even if they take the order they will not take the responsibility of delivering the package before the Christmas day. Even though USPS sets the cut-off date the actual date of delivery will vary depending on the origin of the shipment, location of the recipient, acceptance time of USPS, etc.

The following table presents the deadline for 2019 at the time of Christmas in USPS:

Types of Mail Service Cut-off Dates or Send-by Dates for Christmas
USPS Retail Ground 14 December 2019
First-Class Mail 19 December 2019
Media Mail 14 December 2019
Priority Mail 20 December 2019
Priority Mail Express 22 December 2019

UPS Christmas deadlines 2019 :

You must also have heard the name of United Parcel Service (UPS) since it is another renowned name in the package delivery service industry. UPS has been providing excellent package delivery service since its inception. Due to its outstanding service over decades of years UPS earned the trust of the people and so people take their service at the time when they need to send any package from one place to another. Just like any other package delivery service provider UPS also remains busy during Christmas times as at that time there remains tremendous load on UPS since during Christmas eve everybody used to send gift to their kith and kin. Every person who sends gift packages to their near and dear ones for Christmas expects their packages to be delivered before Christmas Day even when they send the package late. Thus it becomes difficult for UPS to fulfill the expectation of its customers and so they also set up the cut-off date during Christmas time beyond which they will either not take any order or do not become responsible for delivering the packages before Christmas Day. Thus every UPS customer should know the last day to mail package for Christmas 2019.

That is the reason why in this article we have come up with the exact deadlines of Christmas deadlines 2019. The following table presents the Christmas deadlines that UPS has set for its customers in the year 2019:

UPS Services Deadlines
UPS 3 day select 18 December 2019
UPS 2nd Day Air 20 December 2019
UPS 2nd Day Air 21 December 2019
UPS Next Day Air 22 December 2019
UPS Express Critical 24 December 2019 and 25 December 2019

FedEx Christmas deadlines 2019 :

Apart from USPS, FedEx is also a renowned package delivery service company. FedEx is US-based Company which is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. Just like USPS FedEx also provides excellent service to its customers since its inception. FedEx has a track record of delivering the packages on time and that is the reason why people from all over the world refer to choose FedEx whenever it comes to deliver the package from one place to another. During Christmas times FedEx finds it difficult to manage the packages due to the huge load. Hence, similar to USPS Christmas deadlines 2019 every year during the Christmas times FedEx also set up the cut-off date so that even if the number of packages increases extensively they do not find it difficult to deliver on 25th December 2019.

FedEx Christmas deadline actually helps the company to manage the shipment in a systematic manner. But it is also important for the company to make its customers aware of these deadlines that FedEx has set so that it can be ensured that all packages of the customers are delivered within Christmas Day. So every FedEx customer should understand that if they go to FedEx beyond the cut-off date for sending their mail or package then either FedEx will not take their order or will not be responsible for delivering the package within the Christmas Day. If you are a FedEx customer and want your package to be delivered before Christmas Day to your recipient you have to follow FedEx Christmas deadline of 2019. Hence in the article we have come up with the cut-off date of FedEx as presented in the following table:

FedEx Service Deadline or Cut-off Dates
FedEx SmartPost 11 December 2019
FedEx Ground 15 December 2019
FedEx Home Delivery 18 December 2019
FedEx Express Saver 19 December 2019
FedEx 2day 20 December 2019
FedEx 2day AM 20 December 2019
FedEx Standard Overnight 21 December 2019
FedEx Priority Overnight 21 December 2019
FedEx First Overnight 21 December 2019

Walmart Shipping Deadlines For Christmas :

Walmart is another American online retail company that is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas but has millions of customers all over the world. People purchase products from Walmart extensively during Christmas and as such the company faces the same difficulty in delivering products to its customers during Christmas times. Due to these difficulties, Walmart is forced to set up deadlines during Christmas. The following table presents the deadline for Christmas 2019:

Walmart Services Deadlines
Cheaper Freight delivery 19 December 2019
Standard delivery 20 December 2019
Rush delivery 24 December 2019

Walmart has also set up the cut-off date for the best options to purchase its product during Christmas times. So if you are Walmart’s customer you must know these deadlines. The following table shows the best buy holiday shipping deadlines for Christmas in 2019:

Walmart Best Buy Option Deadlines
Large home delivery items 19 December 2019
Other major items 20 December 2019
Same day delivery (Order before 12 noon) 24 December 2019

Amazon Shipping Deadlines For Christmas :

Everybody has certainly heard the name of Amazon as it is one of the largest online retailers in the world. Amazon has millions of people all over the world and starting from small household goods you can get everything at Amazon. It is certainly a one-stop-shop for everyone and so every people across the world use Amazon whenever they need anything. Due to its outstanding service Amazon has won the heart of every people and thus it has become successful in having millions of people across the world. At the time of Christmas Amazon comes up with huge discounts for attracting more and more customers. Due to attractive offer people use to order from Amazon tremendously during Christmas times and as a result the load on Amazon increases significantly since the order that Amazon will take must have to deliver before 25 December so that the customer can use the product on Christmas. Considering the situation Amazon comes up with Christmas deadline for the year 2019. If you an Amazon customer and order any product from Amazon beyond the cut-off date then Amazon will not take the responsibility of delivering the product before Christmas day. So, before you order check the cut-off date.

The following table shows the Christmas deadlines for 2019:

Amazon Services                   Deadlines
Free Shipping (applicable for the customer who purchases products that are minimum of $25) 15 December 2019
Standard shipping (applicable for Amazon Prime members who can avail it free) 18 December 2019
Two-day shipping (applicable for Amazon Prime members who can avail it free) 22 December 2019
One-day shipping (applicable for Prime members who can avail it free but it is only available for some specific cities) 23 December 2019
Same-day delivery (applicable for Prime members who can avail it free but it is only available for some specific cities) 24 December 2019


Target Shipping Deadlines For Christmas :

Target set the deadlines for Christmas 2019 as shown in the following table:

Target Option Deadlines
Standard Shipping (applicable only for Hawaii and Alaska) 13 December 2019
Standard Shipping 18 December 2019
Premium shipping 19 December 2019
Express shipping 22 December 2019

GameStop Shipping deadlines For Christmas :

The following are the deadlines that GameStop has set for its customer during Christmas 2019:

GameStop Option Deadlines
Value Saver 13 December 2019
Ground 17 December 2019
Two-day Expedited 18 December 2019
One-day Expedited 19 December 2019


Apple Shipping Deadlines For Christmas :

You must have heard about Apple which is one of the largest IT companies in the world. It also has also set up cut-off dates during Christmas times. Hence for buying any Apple product you have to follow the deadlines that are given in the following table:

Apple Option Deadlines
Free two-day for in-stock apple products 20 December 2019
Free one-day shipping of in-stock iPhones 21 December 2019
Next day shipping on other products 21 December 2019
In-store pick up 24 December 2019

JC Penny Shipping Deadlines For Christmas :


JC Penny has also a cut-off date for ordering the item during Christmas which is discussed in detail in the following table:

JC Penny Option Deadlines
Any items 20 December 2019


Dick’s Sporting Goods Shipping Deadlines For Christmas :


Dick’s Sporting Goods also set up deadlines for Christmas holiday shipping for ordering their products during Christmas online. If you order the product beyond that deadline then the company will not take the responsibility of delivering the product before 25th December.

The following table describes those deadlines for Christmas 2019:

Dick’s Sporting Goods Option Deadlines
Free standard shipping 18 December 2019
Expedited Shipping 19 December 2019
Express Shipping 20 December 2019


Toys “R” Us Shipping Deadlines For Christmas :


Toys “R” Us has also set up the cut-off date for Christmas 2019. Toys “R” Us set the following deadline for Christmas 2019:

Toys ‘R’ Us Option Deadlines
Any shipping 18 December 2019
Expedited Shipping 20 December 2019
Express Shipping 20 December 2019
In-Store pick up 24 December 2019

Old Navy Shipping Deadlines For Christmas :


Old Navy is another renowned company that also faces similar problems and so it set up the cut-off date at the time of Christmas. If you are Old Navy customers you must know the cut-off date for Christmas 2019. The following table presents the deadline for Old Navy for Christmas 2019:

Old Navy Option Deadlines
Free shipping in which customer has to order a minimum of $50 19 December 2019
Two Day Shipping 20 December 2019
One Day Shipping 21 December 2019


Newegg Shipping Deadlines For Christmas :


Newegg has also set up the cut-off date for Christmas holidays which are presented in the following table:

Newegg Option Deadlines
Super Eggsaver shipping 13 December 2019
Large items 14 December 2019
Business one-day shipping 21 December 2019
Business two-day shipping 20 December 2019
Business three-day shipping 19 December 2019



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