Does Amazon Deliver On Saturday ?

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Amazon is the topmost online retail shop in the world where you can get almost everything you want in your day to day life such as books, music, toys, electronic items, housewares, apparel, etc. Amazon has totally changed the concept of traditional shopping where you need to go to a particular shop for purchasing any product. In fact, Amazon has brought a revolution in the market through its innovative process of shopping. For purchasing from Amazon all that you need to do is just order from the comfort of your home and the product will be on your doors within a few days. However, the time required for receiving the product may vary and it totally depends on the location of your house. Again unlike any other online or offline retail shop where you do not have too many payment options at Amazon you also get various payment methods such as you can pay through credit card, debit card, Net Banking, Cash on Delivery. Thus it is very convenient to shop from Amazon. Due to all these advantages people from all over the world like to shop from Amazon.

Amazon has a track record of providing complete satisfaction to its customers. The main objective of Amazon is to give optimum service so that the existing customer remains satisfied with the service and the new customers get attracted. But the biggest problem is that most of the Amazon customers are not aware of when it remains closed and open. Hence one common question that every customer of Amazon has in their mind is – Does Amazon ship on Saturday?

The regular customers of Amazon sometimes need their product to be delivered on Saturday and since Saturday is a weekend in the United States the customers become confused and want to know whether Amazon operates on Saturday or not. It is highly important for the customers to know about the details when Amazon operates since if they know it in advance they can plan their purchase accordingly. That is the reason why Amazon customers from all over the world have a very common question in their minds that whether Amazon operates on Saturday or not?

Does Amazon Deliver On Saturday?

The biggest question that every Amazon customer has is whether Amazon delivers on Saturday or not. If you are an Amazon customer and you also have the same question in your mind then remember that the simplest answer to the question is – Yes! Amazon delivers on Saturday. This answer is more essential for those companies whose own service totally depends on Amazon. Generally, in the US all offices remain closed and if Amazon does not operate on Saturday then the companies whose operations totally rely on Amazon service will also have to remain closed as they will not be able to perform their function without Amazon service. Hence knowing the Saturday delivery service of Amazon becomes very essential for both the normal customers as well as the small-scale companies which rely on Amazon service. Another great option that Amazon has come up with for its customers is Amazon Prime membership. If you become a prime member of Amazon then your product will be delivered on Saturday as well as any other holidays as well. In fact, Amazon keeps its office open on Saturday, and irrespective of whether you are a prime customer or not your products will be delivered on Saturday but if you are Primer members then your product will be delivered at a quick period which in the case of non-prime customer it gets a little delayed.

For delivering the Amazon product on time Amazon has tied up with United States Postal Service (USPS) that all packages of Amazon in the US will be delivered by USPS. USPS is known for its fast delivery service and just like Amazon, it is also known for its outstanding service. That is the reason why Amazon has given the responsibility of delivering their product to customers. Thus no matter whether it is Saturday or Sunday all products of Amazon will be delivered by USPS. Since the tie-up, USPS has been doing an outstanding job and has not given any chance to complain. Generally, it is seen that USPS has two priority delivery services and the first one is USPS Priority Mail Express Service whereas the other one is the Amazon package delivery service. So, no matter whatever be the condition the first duty of USPS is to deliver the product on Amazon without any fail. That is the reason why Amazon product is never delayed in the United States.

But still, if you want to know more quick service then you have to become Amazon prime customer. Most Amazon customers are not aware of Amazon Prime membership and even if they have heard about it then they think that it is very costly. But it is actually not so. If you become a Prime member of Amazon you only have to provide $99 per year. Once you become the prime member you do not have to give any extra shipping charge irrespective of what they have ordered. Unlike non-Prime customers even if you have ordered a small product whose cost is very low Amazon will not charge anything extra. You may be thinking about how to become an Amazon Prime Customer. It is not really tough to become an Amazon Prime member.  All that you need to do is just log in to your Amazon account and then you have to click on the sign-up button. Then some information will appear on the screen. You need to follow all the steps that are mentioned on the screen and they do the payment. A successful message will appear and you will become an Amazon prime customer. Once you become an Amazon Prime customer you can get your product within 3 days rather than 7 days. If in normal case Amazon delivers a product in 7 days then for Prime customers it gives high priority and will deliver the product in just 3-4 working days. This feature is very beneficial for those companies who use to purchase products from Amazon and sales to others. You may be surprised to know about this but actually, it is a fact that there are many small retailers who use to buy different products from Amazon at a lower price and sells it to the customer at a higher price. For those retailers, Amazon has come as a boon, and being a Prime customer they can get the products which they have offered in 3-4 days.

Amazon Saturday Delivery :

After knowing the details of the Saturday delivery option you will also need to about the timing of Amazon delivery. Almost every customer of Amazon have one common question in their mind that – What time does Amazon deliver on Saturday?

If you are an Amazon customer and then you may also be very curious to know about Amazon logistics delivery times Saturday. Knowing the delivery time in advance becomes easy for the Amazon customer to plan their purchase accordingly. If they want their product to be delivered on Saturday then you will need to order on Monday being a non-prime Amazon customer but in the case of Prime Customer Amazon, the customer will need to order at best on Wednesday or Thursday.

Apart from prime and non-prime membership options the delivery times of Amazon product also depends on the location of the customer. If the customer stays at the metro where the warehouse of Amazon is present and if the product that the customer has ordered is present at the nearby Amazon warehouse then the product will be delivered in a short period of time. But in case the customer stays in non-metro cities or rural places then it may take more time to reach the product to the customers.  This is because if the customer stays at the rural place then the distance between the warehouse of Amazon and the location of the customer becomes greater and it requires time to transfer the product from Amazon warehouse to customer. Again in case, the product which the customers have ordered is not present in the nearby warehouse of Amazon then it needs to be ordered from other warehouses where it is available.  These are some circumstances due to which the delivery gets delayed in reaching the customers.

But the good thing is that Amazon does not charge any extra amount of money for delivering the product on Saturday. Amazon let their customer know about the probable date when their product will reach once they have ordered the product. Apart from that Amazon has also come up with a tracking facility with the help of which the customer of Amazon can easily track all details of their product. These details help the customer to plan their work accordingly. It is true that Saturday is a weekend in the US and most offices remain closed on that day. Due to this, the customers may have some plan to go out but they need to remain at their house for receiving the product when USPS carrier will come to their house for delivering the product which they have ordered. So, in case the customer knows in advance that their product will be arriving on Saturday then they can plan their shipment accordingly. With the help of a tracking facility, the customer can guess when their product will appear. Moreover, before the USPS carrier arrives at the home of the customer for delivering the product they use to call the customer and let them know about it. So, if the customers will not remain at home on that day or at that time then they can easily let USPS carrier know about it and tell them the best time to deliver the product to them. In such a case, USPS carriers will arrive at the customer at a convenient time. Further, the customer will also get an SMS or email regarding the possible delivery time of the product. In that SMS or email, the contact number and name of the USPS carrier who will come to your home will be present. In case of any inconvenience, the customer can easily contact the USPS carrier and request them to come at a convenient time.

Amazon Saturday Delivery Hours :

When it comes to Amazon Sunday Delivery timing the customer may have several questions in the mind and they may think that since it is a weekend Amazon may work half-day on Saturday since it is a weekend or its normal timing may have altered. This question is obvious and if you are an Amazon customer then you may also have the same queries in your mind. If you really have this question in your mind and want to know Amazon Saturday timing then you must remember that Amazon does not consider Saturday as a holiday and keeps its office open just like any other normal days. So, on Saturday just like any other normal day, the Amazon office will remain open from 9 am to 8 pm. That means you can expect your product to be delivered at any between 9 AM to 8 PM. However, you can always alter the time of delivery if you have any problem just by calling the USPS representative who will be responsible for delivering the product to you as his number will be given to you by SMS or email in advance.

Amazon Delivery

This is one of the most asked questions whether amazon delivers on Saturday or not? Here we want to tell all the customers that Amazon delivers throughout the week. All the days of the week are working days for amazon. So, wait for your courier on Saturdays too.

Conclusion :

Amazon is the largest online retail shopping companies in the world has millions of customers across the world that uses to purchase the product from Amazon at a regular interval. Now if Amazon would have closed on Saturday then these customers may have to face a huge problem. There may be a situation when the customer may need their product to be delivered anyhow on Saturday. Considering this situation Amazon has decided to remain their office open on Saturday. Apart from that in the US Amazon has tied up with USPS to deliver its product to the customers. USPS is another finest company having a track record of delivering packages on time since its inception. USPS also delivers on Saturday and being tied up with Amazon USPS has given higher priority to Amazon delivery and they never delay in delivering the Amazon products. Hence if you are an Amazon customer you must know that your product may also be delivered on Saturday.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1. Does Amazon Deliver On The Weekend?

YES!! Prime Customers get the delivery done on the weekend. There is no fixed time for delivery to be done but deliveries are made for the prime membership on Saturday.

Q.2. Does Amazon Deliver On Saturday In India?

Well, India has also planned to deliver on Saturday in India as well. All types of delivery will be done on Saturday whether you choose same-day delivery, two-day delivery, or the standard delivery option. If you order on Saturday then Sunday promises to deliver instead of Monday, it means deliveries are done on the weekend in India as well.

Q.3. Does Amazon Deliver At Night?

UPS which is the most powerful and well-known deliver agent of Amazon Prime delivers by 8 p.m. But it may be late at night sometimes because of some critical conditions
ever happened to any delivery agent otherwise deliveries are done till 8 p.m.

Q.4. Do Packages Arrive On Weekends?

Of Course YES!! Packages arrive on the weekends as well. Mainly, priority mail and priority mail express gets delivered on Saturday. Packages get delivered on Sunday too
bu the thing is that only Amazon packages and priority mail get to deliver on this day.

Q.5. Is Saturday Considered a Business Day For Amazon?

All the official working days are the business days but not the holidays and weekends. All the order for the in-stock items is to be done on the preceding Friday if the holiday falls on Saturday. So, the answer is “NO”

Q.6. Is Amazon Package Delivered on Saturday?

YES!! USPS delivers the Amazon Packages on Saturdays.

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