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Fedex Saturday Delivery | Pickup On Saturday

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Federal Express, popularly known as FedEx is a pioneer in providing shipping services and operates throughout the world. A broad portfolio of services is provided by FedEx and its subsidiaries such as FedEx Express which provides courier services through a flight, FedEx Ground operates through land transport, FedEx services provide marketing and IT services to other companies and FedEx freight. Its other subsidiaries such as FedEx Same Day City have recently acquired popularity among the users. In this post, we are solving the issue of question that customer always wanders to search “ Does FedEx Run on Saturday?”.

Does FedEx deliver on Saturday?

Of course! YES, FedEx ship on Saturdays as well. Why let weekends put a halt on your speed? The weekend does not end on Friday, then why should your delivery wait for the Monday? All you need to do is to mark “Saturday Delivery” on your international air-waybill. Here we will provide that how FedEx can solve your Saturday delivery issue.

FedEx Hours Saturday :

There is various type of services provided by FedEx. Here we will discuss the working hours of every service and resolve the most asked question: What time does FedEx deliver on Saturday?

FedEx Priority Overnight :

It provides door-to-door express delivery service for all documents and non-commercial consignments up to the weight of 32 kgs. It delivers in the afternoon around 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm on Saturday depending on the location at which shipment is made. Pickup and delivery require additional charges to be paid.

The delivery timings for overnight  Saturday delivery as per the area can be scheduled as follows:

A1, A2,A4,A7 : noon,  A3,A5,A8,AM: 1:30 pm, A6,A9,PM: 4:30 pm. The facility is not available for RM and AT on Saturdays.

FedEx First overnight :

The deliveries are made early in the morning between 8 am to 10 am. The delivery timings for shipments picked up on Friday through FedEx First overnight can be scheduled as follows:

A1: 9:30 am, A2 and A3: 10am, A4:10:30 am ,A5 and A6: 11:30 am, A7: 11am, A8: 12:30 pm , A9:3:30 pm.

The Saturday delivery service is not available for AA, AM, PM, RM, AT Areas.

FedEx 2 Day Service :

The service provides delivery by 4:30 pm within two business days to official addresses and by 8 pm to residential addresses. The supported weight for the consignment is up to 22 kgs.

FedEx Same Day :

It is an elixir for all those people who need to make urgent deliveries on Saturday. Thus proves the point that FedEx remains open on Saturdays. If the parcel is to be shipped within the same city on an urgent basis, there are three alternatives for that:

  1. FedEx Same day city Direct: it provides direct delivery with no stops related to service. It operates 24 hours a day on all 7 days of the week.
  2. FedEx same day city Priority: the consignment is delivered within few hours of pickup. However, the time taken for delivery depends on the distance of the location where delivery is to be made. The service is available 24*7.
  3. FedEx same day city route: this is a unique service provided by FedEx. The route is decided by the customer in order to make the delivery at the earliest. The service is available 365 days a year for 24 hours.

If the consignment is to be delivered across the country on Saturdays, FedEx provides that facility too. This can be done through FedEx same day freight. Shipments up to 68 kilograms can be delivered on all days of the week at any required time.

FedEx Saturday Delivery :

There are several options to ship a package on a weekend such as:

Locate the nearest FedEx location:-  There are many FedEx centres which remain open on Saturdays for consumer assistance. One can use the feature “drop-off locator” to locate a nearby centre for Monday delivery

FedEx express dropbox:-  If your consignment is in a position to be readily shipped, all you need is to simply drop it at the nearest FedEx express dropbox that supports pickups on Saturday. Again, you need to use the “drop-off locator” feature for the same.

Schedule a pickup:  If you cannot manage enough time to perform either of the above two functions, simply schedule a pickup for the shipment. Although, you will have to pay additional charges for pickup at your desired location.

How to schedule a pick-up?

A pickup for consignment can be scheduled through the following options:

  1. Through the website,
  2. Through the mobile application
  3. Pickups for delivery on the same day including Saturday can be booked through
  4. Through the telephone services.

Receiving pickups at your own convenience :

FedEx office print and ship centre location offers a plethora of services to ease your tasks. The shipments can be made at more than 1800 locations. Even the delivery can be redirected using the “Hold at location” feature. Fixed retail rates apply over all the shipments. Moreover what you can do is to ask the sender to ship the product at nearest FedEx world service centre or FedEx office ship centre location. And then the shipment can be received as per your convenience even on Saturdays.

FedEx Ground delivery on Saturdays :

FedEx ground does not make deliveries on Saturday. Only the deliveries from Monday to Friday are supported. The delivery is made within 1-5 days depending upon the distance. Moreover, it cannot deliver to P.O boxes. The service is good up to the extent that the recipient is invoiced directly for the shipment and this saves you from the additional charges imposed by suppliers.

FedEx SmartPost delivery on Saturdays :

It is one of the highly efficient and cost-effective services through which low weight shipments can be delivered. It runs on Saturdays as well. The shipment is made to nearest US postal service centre from where the delivery is made at the desired location.

Saturday Is A Service Day For FedEx :

FedEx is one of the best services now a day and it works from Monday to Saturday. It delivers its packages from 9 a.m to 8 p.m. and it has an option for the home delivery too and this home delivery is supported by a money-back guarantee. Saturday is a delivery day for the packages for the 1-, 2- and 3- day transit times.

Delivery On Saturday: One of the frequently asked questions is the delivery on Saturday for FedEx. As we have given you the full details of the fedex delivery on Saturday, the answer will be yes!!. Fedex delivers on Saturday. Working hours may vary sometimes but for sure Saturday is the working day for FedEx.


Apart from providing apt deliveries, facilities to track consignments, centre locator and almost all the features expected from a leading shipment company, FedEx has made a landmark in the history of courier services by being active in the social arena as well. FedEx care is investing in more than 200 global communities. There have been instances when FedEx has been involved in delivering its social responsibility as well such as the delivery of mother’s milk to infants. FedEx has played an important role in preserving India’s handicraft tradition as well. Relax, it’s FedEx.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. What Time Does FedEx Saturday Delivery Arrive?

As you know that Saturday is a delivery day for FedEx. The packages are delivered from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm on Saturday.

Q.2. What Is End Of Day For FedEx On Saturday?

When you need delivery on a certain time on Saturday then you should use FedEx Priority Overnight that delivers from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm in most of the areas.

Q.3. Does FedEx Ground Deliver On Saturday?

Yes, it does.

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