How Does The United State Postal Service Recycle?

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Recycling is a very useful process for every industry with the help of which it becomes possible to convert the waste materials into new useful objects. Now the question that arises in the mind of the people is that whether USPS can use the recycling process and if it uses then what are the recycled materials that USPS used. Hence in this article, we have come up with all the details of the recycling process of USPS so that you do not have any doubt in your mind about the recycling process.

What Are The Recycled Materials That USPS Uses?

There are tons of materials that USPS recycled every year and it may include cans, cardboard, plastics, batteries, electronics, tires, and wastepaper. In the year 2015, a recycling and waste prevention program were taken place throughout America and about 239, 282 tons of materials recycled out of which USPS has recycled the maximum.

How Does USPS Make Use Of Recycled Materials?

USPS usually purchases about $262 million products every year which can be recycled. It uses recycled materials for both shipping as well as processing.  Some of the materials that USPS recycles include containers kept for shipping purpose, stamped envelopes, stamp booklet covers, postcards as well as other packaged materials. USPS use recycled paper for shipping Priority Mail a well as Priority Mail Express boxes. The recycled papers that are used by USPS meet the certification criteria of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). Apart from that, USPS made recycled materials through continued partnerships which different communities. When it comes to reuse or recycle USPS also includes outdated electronic materials as well as recovery of the overstock.  This is how USPS helps in saving tons of landfill waste.

What Do You Mean By the USPS Blue Earth Federal Recycling Program?

Every year tons of electronic wastes are thrown in the landfill which causes pollution in the atmosphere. But recycling campaigns can help you in preventing possible electronic waste from going to waste landfills. This huge amount of waste in the landfill turns to be dangerous to humans as well as the environment. In order to prevent the pollution USPS has come up with a program called ‘Blue Earth Federal Recycling Program’ with the help of which the unused and unwanted electronic waste can be easily recycled with the Postal Service network. However, USPS also invited the entire federal agencies of America to join this ‘Blue Earth Federal Recycling Program’ and make their own contribution.

How USPS Can Contribute To Recycling?

You may have a question in your mind that USPS is a postal service and so how it can contribute to recycling. Actually, this postal service generates more than $13 million with the help of recycling and waste prevention activities. In America, about 20,000 Post Office has now come forward to recycle the waste materials and more than 10,000 other Post Office are mow marking their presence in a backhaul program. Hence, with the help of this program more and more materials are now recycled that can generate additional revenue.

It is found that the Postal Service has recycled 220,000 tons of waste materials in the last year which has actually prevented 214,000 tons of carbon reductions in the greenhouse gases. Apart from launching the ‘Blue Earth Federal Recycling Program’ USPS also has launched Post Office lobby mail with the help of which they collect the recycled materials from various offices and these offices also include 115 national parks, historic sites, and memorials. Hence, with the help of this program, the cost of waste disposal is also reduced and thus it will surely result in more revenue generation. In addition, USPS helps in meeting the environmental expectations of the customers. Presently, about 10,000 Post Offices feature secure lobby recycling containers and this actually carries a message ‘Read, Respond and recycle your mail’.

What Materials Are Considered As Electronic Waste?

Along with the Government and other business, USPS has come out to make people aware that the unused and unwanted postal materials can be harmful to the human as well as the environment. As such, USPS has created a mail-back campaign program for shipping the unnecessary items to the recyclers. The various electronic materials that can be recycled include all the computer equipment, printer supplies, rechargeable and alkaline batteries, cell phones, compact fluorescent bulbs, medical sharps, prescription drugs, etc.

USPS also encourages the customer to help them in recycling waste electronic materials. There are a number of local recycling centers for various materials such as

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