How long does USPS keep a record of tracking and delivery confirmation?

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United States Postal Service (USPS) is the most renowned postal delivery service providers in the world. One of the most esteemed and demanding services that USPS provides is its tracking service. With this tracking service, people now can easily come to know where their parcel is lying. This tracking service helps the USPS customer to track their mail item at any point of time and that too at the comfort of sitting at their home or office as they just need to enter the tracking number which will be available in their mailing receipt and get the complete details of your mail or package. Thus with the help of tracking service, people can now have their peace of mind when they find that their parcel or mail is moving in the right direction.

For how long you will be able to track USPS records?

Tracking service is one of the most excellent services that let you know where the parcel is. Apart from that with this tracking service, you will also be able to get the COD facility as well as the confirmation of your mail delivery. Now the biggest question that arises in the mind of the USPS customer is how long they will be able to track the USPS record. Hence in this article, we have come up with every detail of USPS tracking and delivery confirmation service so that you can understand how long you can track USPS records after sending the mail or package through USPS.

USPS actually stores the record of its delivery of the mail or parcel in its database. So, whatever data are kept in the database you can easily get that online or at the post office as well. But if you want to know whether you will be able to track the record for the lifetime then you must remember that this service does not mean for the lifetime as USPS need to delete the record from their database from time to time so that it does not unnecessarily waste the space of their database. So, the customer cannot make USPS responsible if they do not find the record of their mail or package after an estimated time period.

However, USPS the time period for keeping the record of package or mail in the database of USPS varies and it is certainly different for different classes of mail or service. Hence it is very essential for the customer to know the different time periods for different classes of mail or package. So, in the article, we have come with the details of the time period up to which you will be able to keep the record of mail or package.

The following table shows how much time you will be able to track the record of the different class of mail:

Mail Class or Category Time Frame Description
General USPS mail or package 120 days i.e. 3 months USPS usually holds the record of general mail or package up to 120 days i.e. 3 months
Certified Mail Service 2 years USPS keeps the record of these classes of mail delivery service for 2 years and hence you will be able to keep track of the mail service of this category up to 2 years at any point in time.
International mail service 2 years
Priority mail express service 2 years
Registered mail service 2 years
Signature Confirmation Service 1 year USPS keeps the record of this category of mail or package up to 1 year.
Adult signature restricted delivery mail 3 years USPS keeps the record of these mail services on their database for up to 3 years and as such you will be able to track the record of this category of mail service for up to 3 years.
Adult Signature 3 Years

Conclusion :

Now you have come to know the various details of the time frame of different classes of mail. It is seen that USPS keeps the record of most of the category of the mail service for a lengthy time period. Hence, you will be able to request archived tracking information as many times as you want within the given period that is specified in the table.

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