How To Forward A Single Piece Of Mail?

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United States Postal Service (USPS) is the most reputed postal service in the world and it provides a number of mail services. Among all the services that USPS provides one of the most exceptional services is the service of Mail Forwarding. This is actually a kind of service that USPS has started only for the convenience of the customer. As a USPS customer, you will like to know what this service is. But before you know the forward mail service in detail you must try to understand what does mail forwarding means. As the name suggested when a person forwards any mail to any other person it is normally called mail forwarding.

Generally, there are two reasons for which a person may need to forward a mail. The first reason is when you have changed your address and the mail has mistakenly delivered to the old address and the second reason is when you have received the wrong mail. If you have received a mail that actually does not belong to you then there is no point in keeping the mail with you. In such a case you may decide to reach its correct and original address. The main reason for a single piece of mail forwarding is to forward a piece of mail to a person. However, this type of service is specific to the different post office and different post office has different methods and functions for providing this facility. This is a service that can be used very conveniently and the good thing is you do not require any cost. USPS does not charge anything to forward the mail on behalf of you and all that you need to pay is just the nominal cost of the stamp.

Forwarding A Single Piece Of Mail :

In case you want to forward a package or mail that is not yours you have to pay for the new set of stamps for ensuring that the shipment is valid. When you will forward the mail you do not needs to change the envelope but just write the address correctly on the old envelope. If you need to change the address you can do it but remember you cannot change the name of the person or the addressee. The following are the things that you need to do for forwarding a single piece of mail:

  1. Replace the old address with the new one: You should cross that address which is there on the envelope. After that, you have to write “Forward To” and then write the new forwarding address on the envelope. While doing these things you should use a dark marker. Make sure that that the changes that are done are neat and clean. Apart from that, it is always better to write the new address just below the crossed old address.
  2. The package needs to be re-mailed now: Once you have crossed the old address and mention the new address on the envelope the package gets ready to be re-mailed. After you have done all these things you need to put the package back into the mailbox. But before you re-mail the package you have to make sure that the stamps are valid.
  3. Get in touch with the recipient: Your duty is not over even after re-mailing the package to the recipient. You must ensure that the recipient has received the package and for that, you should talk to the recipient and ask him or her whether he or she has received the package or not. If you observe that the recipient still has not received the package then you have to contact the post office immediately.

Conclusion :

Thus you have seen that forwarding a single piece of mail is very simple and all that you need to do is to follow the simple steps that are mentioned above. So, if you ever received any mail or package that does not belong to you then you can forward the mail to the actual recipient just by following the above-mentioned process. In case you have changed your address and get your mail in the old address you will be able to forward the mail to your new address just by following the same process.

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