How To Refuse Shipment, Package & Mail ?

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United States Postal Service (USPS) is the most reputed and famous mail delivery service providers in the world. It is headquartered in the United States but has is branch office throughout the world and hence it has millions of customers around the world. In the US, there are hardly any persons who have not to send or received any mail or package through USPS. As such each and every person in the US knows about USPS. Since its inception, USPS has been providing its outstanding service and people from all over the world are highly satisfied with the excellent service of USPS. Hence, people from all over the world use to send and receive mail through various categories of mail services that USPS provides such as priority express mail, priority mail, first-class mail, USPS retail ground, media mail, etc.

How Can You Refuse The USPS Shipments That Are Delivered To Wrong Address?

At times some mistakes may happen even to the most esteemed company like USPS and your parcel or mail may get delivered to the wrong address. It may happen that the USPS carrier may deliver the package to some other address where the sender is not supposed to send the package. The USPS customer gets a USPS tracking number at the time of booking the mail or package with the help of which customer can track the location of their mail or package and they can easily check whether their package is delivered to the right location or not. In case the customer observes that the package is delivered to the wrong address they have the option to return the package to the sender. In other words, it can be said that the customer can refuse the USPS shipment if they find that the shipment does not belong to them.

If you are a USPS customer and have received a wrong shipment that does not belong to you then you must be thinking about how to return or refuse the shipment. Actually returning or refusing the shipment is a straightforward process. The USPS customer can easily refuse the package or shipment at the time of the delivery and also after the delivery of the package. All that you need to do is to tell the postal employee or the USPS carrier that you have received a wrong shipment and hence you are requesting it to return it back. Then you should write ‘Refused’ on the received mail or package and put that mail or package to the mailbox. However, you can also request the USPS carrier to collect it from your residence or office.

Following Items May Not Be Refused

  1. Pieces sent as registered mail and certified mail.
  2. Response mail to the addresses sales promotion and announcement.

These are the items that might not be returned.

Conclusion :

Hence it is seen refusing or returning the USPS package is a simple process. But you must not forget that you are not allowed to open the mail or package if you need to return or refuse the package. However, there are some USPS mail categories such as registered mail, certified mail, etc. that are not allowed to return or refused.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Question

Q.1. Can You Decline Mail?

Well, If the mail has been sent to the wrong address then you need not worry anymore. Here are some simple steps by which you can easily decline your mail.

Step 1.

Write “Refused” On The Mail Piece: You can easily write “Refused” on the mailpiece that you have to decline. I suggest you use a black marker so that it may be easier to understand what we actually want. If you use a simple pen, it works as well but using a marker makes your intention clear.

Step 2.

Make The Cross Or Dark Mark Through Barcode And Address: Using this method, it would be clear that what to do with this mailpiece. All that you want, will be highlighted.

Step 3. Drop it to the Post Office: You can now drop this piece in the mailbox or you can simply hand over this to the clerk in your nearest post office.

Please Note: If the mailpiece is opened, it won’t be refused.

Q.2. How Do You Refuse A Shipment?

It’s easy to refuse or return a shipment if your package or mail is still unopened. You can refuse your shipment during the time of delivery. You can easily say to deliver that
you don’t need this shipment and return it to the sender.
In case, if the shipment is delivered to you and then you want to return it or refuse it, you would have to write “Refused” on it and drop it in the mailbox in any US Post Office
or you can even ask to mail carrier to pick it up from your home as well.

Please Note: Not all types of mails are eligible to return or to be refused.

Q.3. How Do You Reject A Package?

Refuse At The Time Of Delivery: You can reject a package at the time of delivery. You can say to the delivery agent that you don’t want to have this package and it can be
returned to the sender.

Refuse After Delivery: Once the delivery is done, there are still the chances to return or refuse it. You just need to write Refuse on the envelope and can give it to the clerk at any US post office or you can drop it at the mail box.

Q.4. Does USPS Charge For The Returned Packages?

The answer is “NO”. There are no charges when you return the package that was wrongly addressed. All insured First-Class Mail, First-Class Package Service – Retail, First-
Class Package Service, Commercial, and Priority mail pieces are returned at No Additional Charges.

Q.5. Who Pays For The Refused Package or Shipment?

The original sender would pay for the refused package or shipment if they ask for the ground services. The customer who refuses the delivery won’t pay. Priority mail and first-class mail is returned with no charges unless the package is open.

Please Note: Response mail to the solicitation, sales promotions and announcement won’t be returned.

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