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Inbound out of Customs’. Don’t know what this means?

We come across this phase quite many times. But most of us actually don’t know what it means by our mails passing through the customs. If you too are doubtful about this phrase, read the whole article to know the actual process by which your mail reaches you and passes all the custom processes.

When some mailing agency says inbound out of customs that means that the package from overseas has been released from the custom to the USPS. That ensures one step has been done and now, it will be delivered soon. To know the detailed process and what this exactly means, keep reading!

Inbound and Outbound:

There is a difference between the terms ‘Inbound’ and ‘Outbound’. Inbound means that the expected package has traveled overseas to reach your country’s customs and will be delivered to you soon. Outbound means that the package you have sent has passed through the customs and will start its journey overseas soon.

Custom Procedure:

If you don’t know the exact procedure of how packages and the mails pass through the customs and reach the receivers, then read the article below:

According to statistics, every year around 650 million mails are received by customs from foreign countries in the USA. This is definitely quite a huge number. So, you need to know how exactly the process works and ensures that the right package and mail reaches you safely.

There are in total five outlets, known as the International Service Centres (ISC) in the US to accept all the incoming mails. These outlets are located in the major cities of Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. All the incoming mails reach these centers first. To know the real process, below are the exact steps with complete detail.

Process steps:

  • The first step is the sending of the mails by the country through airlines to the other country. This is done very carefully so that the mails reach to their destination safely.
  • Proper reports are made specifying the airline taking the mails, the time of dispatch, etc. This ensures the process runs smoothly, even if some issue occurs in the delivery of any mail.
  • When the mail reaches the recipient’s land’s airports, via the carrier flights, these are received by the ground handlers. These ground handlers are employed by the contractors of the airlines. They unload all the packages and the mails. They do ensure that the unloading is done with utmost care.
  • This is because, in some cases, there are special handling instructions given. But to be more general, this unpacking is done altogether by the ground handlers. They are the verified people, who are sure of doing no wrong to the mails and taking care of the confidentiality and retaining the mail in its original condition.
  • The mails and the packages, unloaded by the ground handlers are then taken to the nearest ISC center. There are in total five ISC centers in the USA, those are in Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. This is done by the employees or the ground handlers, ensuring a high level of security. The transfer of the mail packages needs to be done carefully, taking care of the confidentiality of the information.
  • The postal operators of that region need to have a contract with the airlines to know from where the mails and packages have arrived and all other details. This is because this is the responsibility of the postal officers to look into the legality and the correctness of the incoming receptacles.
  • This is a very important step that is Documentation. All the received mails and packages are first verified and then they are added to the report. USPS employees verify these receptacles. Now, this step is important because after the complete information is entered into the report, you can check which mail came from which place, when it was sent, scanned, or assigned to any particular airline. You can also check into which airline carried the mail and all the details about the sender’s and the receiver’s address.
  • Verification:

This is the final and the most important step to ensure the security aspects of the mail. After the report is ready, the mails are sent to the security department, where X-ray is done for all the mails. This is to ensure that the mails are not risky for the workers handling them.

Now, this is not actually looking into the mails, because this will lead to the breaking of confidentiality. So, they cannot open the mail to check for security purposes, but rather can do the X-ray and look into technical aspects of the process.

After the final security check is done, the mails are sent for the next step, where they finally reach their expected recipients. If any irregularities or any sort of risks are identified, then the process takes longer to hand over the mail to the recipient. But if the mails are approved by all the above processes, then the mail is finally taken by the postal employees to the mailing address.

In the end, the mail reaches you after such a complicated process. Now, the postal workers might face some issues if your mailing address is changed and not updated. So to make the process easy, it is advised that you keep your mailing address updated and CASS- certified.

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