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What If I Lost USPS Tracking Number ?

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The United States Postal Service or USPS; commonly known as the Post Office, U.S. Mail, or Postal Service is an autonomous agency of the executive branch of the federal government of the United States, controlled by Presidential appointees and the Postmaster General. It is in charge of providing postal service in the United States, including its provincial areas and connected states. This article contains detailed information about the condition when there is a situation of “USPS lost tracking number”.

The United State Postal Service separates mail into three categories:


The same set of machines are used to process small pieces of mail like letters, bills and postcards. Mails that cannot be handled by machines down the line due to size, shape or weight are filtered out first. Such letters then move to the Advanced Facer Canceller System. This machine uses specialized cameras to capture images of envelopes as they speed by. The images are used by the computer to find the stamp, locate the address, read the handwriting and compare the address against the database of recognized addresses. The letters are then moved on to the Delivery Barcode Sorter. Postal workers feed the letters into a sorter machine manually. This machine distributes letters into “Delivery Point Sequence,” in the order in which the postal carriers will deliver them as per their routes. After the letters are sorted, they are loaded on to the loading dock.


Often large bundles of magazines are brought in by customers to distribution centres for processing. Magazines, catalogues, and similar items are referred to as “flats”. Large bundles of flats must be weighed and verified before they are moved on to a preparation area. Now the bins of flats go into the Flats Sequencing System, a machine the size of a soccer field. The flats are then shifted along with the conveyor system to a feeder, where they are removed from the bins and sent individually to the scanning system. A professional camera captures images of the flats to categorize their delivery addresses. A computer decodes the scanned addresses and sends sequencing information to the machine’s algorithmic system. The flats are then verified into delivery order to be transferred to trays and automatically loaded onto carts. They are then shifted to the loading dock.


Packages come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes therefore they can be particularly difficult to process by machine. The Automated Package Processing System is uniquely equipped to deal with this type of mail. Packages are laid out as they progress along with a series of belts and rollers. As the packages enter the scanning and imaging tunnel, the cameras map their addresses and also determines the package dimensions and weight. It checks for proper postage stamps and scans the barcode while updating the package’s tracking information. The packages then travel along a conveyor, before being dropped off into bins as per their destination. Packages are then shifted to the loading dock, where they are loaded on to trucks along with letters and flats going to the same post offices.

Mail delivery unites people and businesses all across the country. Everyday technology keeps mail flowing through this constantly moving network of numerous systems at work. As morning approaches, the mail truck drivers deliver the sorted mail to their apt post offices. After the mail arrives, postal workers divide them for pickup. Carriers gather the sorted letters, flats and packages to take out on their routes.

When someone writes a letter, it already enters a system which is vast yet extremely accurate. The United States Postal service process hundreds of millions of emails each day. The postal service delivers almost half the world’s mail to over a hundred and fifty million addresses through a network of thousands of post offices. A network of hundreds of processing and distribution centres supplies these post offices around the country.

Can An Item be Tracked Without Tracking Number?

If one has lost USPS Tracking number receipt, it will be difficult to verify the delivery status of his item without the number from the mailing label or receipt simply because the only record of confirmation of delivery is the mailing receipt. The Post Office does not keep a record of the transaction.

The receipt and the barcode printed onto the package label are barely the records of the tracking number. This number is tracked via the internet, but since USPS does not record the sender’s name or address during the transaction at the counter, it is utmost important that the sender keeps the receipt.

What to do If I Lost My USPS Tracking Number?

Since the United States Postal service does not keep records of the tracking number, it is wise to wait for some days for the mail to reach its destination. International package takes 28 business days, and after that ask the recipient whether he received the package or not.

An easy way to keep a track of packages is via stamps.com. Once the shipping label has been printed, one can choose to email the tracking link information to the customers from within stamps.com and share the USPS tracking numbers. It enables the customers to keep a tab on the delivery status of their orders while demonstrating a high level of customer service by making the package details readily available. This also helps in reducing the number of customer service calls and requests to track shipments.

Another popular way to track emails is through Informed Delivery whereby one can preview images of his mails and manage his incoming packages, receive a text and email notifications, schedule delivery alerts, request redelivery, enter USPS delivery instructions and much more through a single dashboard.

Conclusion: Above in this post, you have been suggested what to do if you have lost your tracking number along with the information of tracking your package with any tracking number. Use the mentions ways of tracking to track your package and we hope it will help you the best. Don’t worry USPS will help you out on every step. For more queries you can comment on this blog, we will connect to you soon to guide you in the right way.

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