is post office open on black friday

Is Post Office Open On Black Friday?

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Black Friday is a unique Friday which is mainly observed on the next day of Thanksgiving Day. In the US, every year Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November month. Actually, this Friday was observed as an unofficial beginning of Christmas season from the time of President Lincoln in the late 19th century when Thanksgiving Day was declared as a federal holiday in the US. This day was not called ‘Black Friday’ at that time. But gradually this Friday became a shopping day in the US since the shoppers come up with amazing deals for their customers for the upcoming Christmas Day. Shoppers started to provide huge discounts, free coupons and gift cards on this day and as such huge traffic is found in the US and it became very problematic for the people for doing their regular activities. Nowadays the problem of traffic jam becomes so intense that most schools, colleges, and offices started to remain closed on that day at California and some other parts of the US. That is the reason why this day is now called ‘Black Friday’. Considering this entire situation it is obvious for the people to have one common question in their mind that – Does mail run on Black Friday?

Is The Post Office Open On Black Friday?

Since it becomes a huge problem to go to the office due to heavy traffic many people asks a common question – Does the Post Office work on Black Friday? If you also have the same question in your mind then you must know that – Yes! All Post Offices remains open on the Black Friday. Black Friday is not a Federal holiday in the US. Just there are some companies which keep their office closed due to their own convenience. But it is not a federal holiday in the US. Hence it is not observed by the premier postal delivery service providers in the US such as USPS. USPS as well as other postal delivery service providers open their office at all locations and branches and operate their normal mail delivery services. That means all the post office in the US will only remain closed on the fourth Thursday of the November month, i.e., on the Thanksgiving Day and again resumes their normal mail delivery services on the next day, i.e., on the Black Friday. Again the post office will encounter some other problems if they observe the Black Friday as a holiday. This is because after the Black Friday the weekends start when almost all companies in the US remains closed. Observing the Black Friday as holiday means to keep the office closed for four days at a stretch. Post offices in the US provide very essential services as it delivers important mail, packages, and couriers. So, the Post Office cannot afford to remain closed for such a long period of time. That is the reason why the Post Office in the US has decided to remain open on the Black Friday and all the staffs of the Post Office have to attain their duties as a normal working day. In 2019, Thanksgiving Day will be observed on 28th November, Thursday and so Black Friday will fall on 29th November 2019.

Post Office Hours Black Friday :

Now that you have come to know that all post offices in the US including USPS will remain open on the Black Friday. So the next question that may arise in the mind of the people of the US is whether the post office remains open for the full day or half day. If you also have the same question in your mind and want to know USPS hours Black Friday then you must understand that Black Friday is a normal working day in the US and so the USPS office will remain open for the whole working hours as that of any other normal working day. So the people of America can expect their mail or courier to be delivered on the Black Friday. But it is true that since there is huge traffic on the road on the Black Friday there may be a little delay in the delivery of your mail or packages but it is certain that it will be delivered on that day itself. In fact, USPS and other postal service providers try very hard to deliver all pending mails or packages on the Black Friday as the next day is Saturday followed by Sunday when most of the offices in the US will remain closed. So, if the mail or the package cannot be delivered on Black Friday then it will have to be delivered on Monday which will become too delay. That is why the USPS instructs its staff to complete all the delivery of mail and package by Black Friday anyhow so that they do not have to encounter with any kind of customer dissatisfaction.

Does USPS Deliver On Black Friday?

Since USPS is the biggest postal service providers in the US most of the Americans depends on USPS for their mail or package delivery service. Whenever there arises any necessity to deliver any mail or package to anyone the first name that comes in the mind of the people of America is USPS. It is true that there are many other postal delivery service providers in the US but people like to avail the service of USPS since it is very cost-effective and it provides outstanding service to its customers. That is the reason why people become very anxious to know – Is USPS open on Black Friday? Actually what happens is that USPS delivers both Business-to-Business (B2B) as well as Business-to-Residence (B2R) service. So, there are many small and large companies in the US which totally depends on the USPS service. If USPS remains off for a single day then they also have to arrange their own schedule. That means if USPS observes the Black Friday it will become a huge problem for those companies as in such case they also have to keep their office off for continuous four days which will certainly be a huge financial loss. Moreover, Black Friday is neither any kind of festival nor any important federal holiday. So, there is no reason why the USPS or any other companies will remain off on Black Friday. Some schools and colleges can remain off as it becomes difficult for the students to reach their school due to the huge traffic on the road. Again some people may take intentional leave on that day as by taking leave on that day they can get leave for continuous four days i.e., Thanksgiving Day which is a federal holiday, Black Friday (intentional leave) and then Saturday and Sunday (weekends). So, by taking leave only for one day the employees are getting 4-day leave easily when they can plan any holiday trip with their family or friends. That is the reason why it is seen that most employees take advantage of this Black Friday and applies to leave in advance. But this does not happen in USPS as Saturday is not a holiday in USPS and in this case USPS have to take 2-day leave which is not too much beneficial for the USPS staffs. This policy works for those whose office remains off at the weekends. Moreover, USPS does very responsible duties and millions of people depend on their services. So USPS cannot afford to permit their employees the leave for continuous four days until and unless it is an absolute emergency. But it is always advisable for the customers of USPS to know their full holiday list as it will help them to arrange their schedule of shipment on the basis of USPS holiday list. That is the reason why we have come up with the complete USPS holiday list of 2019:

  • Tuesday, January 1 New Year’s Day
  • Monday, January 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
  • Monday, February 18 President’s Birthday
  • Monday, May 27 Memorial Day
  • Thursday, July 4 Independence Day
  • Monday, September 2 Labor Day
  • Monday, October 14 Columbus Day
  • Monday, November 11 Veterans Day
  • Thursday, November 28 Thanksgiving Day
  • Wednesday, December 25 Christmas Day

Conclusion :

Thus you have seen that Black Friday is not an important holiday in the US and so all the post office in the US will remain open on that day and operates its normal mail delivery service. So, if anyone asks – Does the Post Office work on Black Friday? then remember that the straightforward answer will be – Yes! All Post Offices will operate its normal work on Black Friday. Post Office will open at around 9 am and will be closed at 6 am as the other working day. There will be no full day or half day off and they will operate their normal mail delivery service on Black Friday.

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