How Is USPS Making its Mail Delivery Greener?

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United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the largest and most popular postal carriers in the world. It has millions of customers all over the world and in America, there is hardly any household that has not availed its service. Thus it has now become one of the most important postal service providers in the world which use to deliver millions of mail or packages every day. But even though it uses to send millions of mail it makes its utmost effort to make the mail delivery greener. Now if you are a USPS customer the biggest question that will arise in your mind is that how USPS can make the mail delivery greener. Hence, in this article we have brings out the detailed facts about USPS make its mail delivery greener.

Encourage using Alternative Fuels :

USPS itself has its own 40000 vehicles which are used for delivery purposes. These are the vehicles that are totally compatible with alternative fuels for greener mail delivery, for example, these vehicles of USPS can be used with electricity, ethanol, compressed natural gas, biodiesel, liquid propane as well as a hydrogen fuel cell. Hence, USPS is considered as the biggest civilian fleet in the whole United States.

Since the year 2005, the use of alternative fuels has become very popular in the United States and also in other parts of the world and from then USPS has started to use that vehicle that can be run with alternative fuel. When it comes to electric vehicle USPS has started its first electric vehicle in the year 1899. As of now, the company has owned more than 20 electric vans that are solely used for shipping the letters to many processing facilities which are located only in New York. Apart from that, USPS has also owned about 35 delivery vehicles which can be used with Propane. The best thing about this company is that it uses three-wheel vehicles in various cities of the United States such as Florida, Arizona, and California. The company primarily refuels at numerous commercial retail fueling facilities and as such, it is observed that the demand for alternative fuel has increased throughout the country.

Pioneer in Incorporating New Vehicle Technology :

USPS has highly invested and worked with vehicle companies such as General Motors for bringing out innovative vehicle technologies. USPS has already tested GM HydroGen3 fuel cell minivan so that they can deliver their mail-in almost all the metro area including Washington DC. This is how USPS has been playing a great role in incorporating new vehicle technology. In fact, it is found that USPS is the first company in the United States to use fuel cell vehicles. Not only that, but USPS has also put its full effort into other vehicle technology which is basically recognized as zero-emission vehicles. Apart from that, USPS also has put its effort in bring out advanced diesel vehicles, electric citizens as well as hybrid electric vehicles.

Strive to build greener facilities :

USPS has promised itself to reduce the level of pollution on the environment and hence it makes it a complete effort for improving the sustainability of their energy facilities. Apart from its own effort, USPS also tries its best to create awareness among the public through its own customers and employees to reduce the pollution level. USPS also tries to enhance it020s standard as well as processes to design or operating sustainable and effective facilities at a very cost-effective rate.

Investment in greener vehicles :

USPS has always put its huge effort into bringing innovative modes of transportation which can also provide the most reliable as well as prompt universal mail delivery. At present, the company has more than 2,00,000 vehicles and it has also owned one of the largest civilian government fleets in the world. These vehicles use to travel about 1 billion miles per year. This is how USPS had made its constant effort in reducing energy consumption through various means. USPS always tried its best to use such vehicles that put less environmental impact.

Incorporating Energy Management Strategy :

USPS needs to use energy for transporting, processing as well as for delivering the mail to its customer. As such it is very important to have sustainable energy management for the postal service mission. As per official record, it is found that USPS spends about a billion-dollar on energy and fuel for its vehicle per year. As a result, sustainable energy consumption is the utmost concern for the USPS and in order to overcome this concern the US Postal service tries to reduce the use of energy which will ultimately reduce the usage of greenhouse gases that are mainly occurred from burning fossils fuels such as petroleum. The strategy of energy consumption that USPS has implemented is applied to all its operation which also includes its vehicle, fuel, utility management, and other facilities.

Eco-friendly Packaging For Shipments :

USPS is also committed to using sustainable packaging so that it can be recycled very well. USPS also had given strict instructions to its entire packaging manufacturer for using only the certification standard and a life cycle assessment process for the packaging purpose. USPS also uses to recycle all kinds of materials that are used for packaging. Not only that, but USPS also uses those materials in their packaging which are made from natural resources and have an extended life so that it can put less impact on the environment.

Other Additional Efforts Of USPS

With all the steps mentioned above USPS also incorporate healthy environmental practices in its day to day business operation so that it can bring a greener tomorrow. USPS has made its utmost effort for saving energy as far as possible. Apart from that, USPS also made an extraordinary effort and instructs the postal carriers to deliver the mail of the nearby localities on foot so that they can save energy and make a healthy and green tomorrow.



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