What is Parcel Locker service Of USPS

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Many of you might be wondering what this is about. Well, parcel locker is a service by United States Postal Service. Do not worry if you know nothing about the parcel locker. This article is to explain everything about the parcel locker. In the end, you will know the use and the benefits of parcel locker service.

Parcel locker, in simple words, is a container. Not the container in which you store food and other stuff; these are different. Parcel locker is basically a container for your large packages. The delivery of the normal size mails is in a mailbox. But for large packages that can’t fit in the mailbox, you can use parcel locker service.

These packages are hard to deliver due to the big size. Even if they try to deliver these packages, mostly some problem occurs. Some sort of damage to the package or the delivery person gets injured because of the big package. These packages are not at all easy to deliver. So, to solve this issue, parcel locker service was introduced.

Instead of using regular delivery for large mailboxes and facing all the issues, you can choose parcel locker delivery. This basically means your package is at a safe place. You can go and pick it up whenever you want. The parcel locker ensures the complete safety of the package.

By choosing a parcel locker, you can save the delivery expense. You can also prevent any damage to your large package through normal delivery. Now there will be no need to fit the package in the mailbox. You can just get the package from the locker according to your convenience with your responsibility.

Benefits of Parcel Locker:

Here, we will tell you about all the benefits of using a parcel locker. These benefits are for both the sides, the package sender, and the receiver. If you think that parcel locker doesn’t make much sense to you. Wait a minute, read this article and you will know all the benefits of using parcel locker.


This is the first benefit of Parcel Locker. To store your packages at someplace, you might obviously be worried about its safety. You might wonder if it is safer to get the delivery of the package at your home rather than some unknown place. All of us are quite habitual to stay in a safe environment.

To break the ice, parcel lockers are actually safer than the delivery. The parcel locker facility is more secure than normal mail delivery. It will all make sense after reading this.

Now, if you use the standard delivery, the delivery of the package is in the mailbox or at your door. But have you thought that anyone can steal your package from these places? Or someone can easily damage the package from the mailbox or at the doorstep. Rather if you choose parcel locker, your package is safe in a container.

The main feature of parcel locker is that it has special locks that can bear shocks and pressure. The parcel lockers have video surveillance around it so it is perfectly secure. So, what would you rather choose your packages? Yes! Parcel locker is a secure and safe method for the delivery of packages.

Also, to add more safety, the parcel locker is accessible by card and a PIN code only. This means no one other than you get the package. Also, for the goods stored in the parcel lockers, the companies offer insurance. So, with all these benefits, we are sure you are confident about the safety of your packages.

You can find the closest parcel locker to your location. The USPS can deliver your package there and you can pick it up. You can choose the location as per your convenience.


Many times the package arrives when we are not at home. Now, that is quite annoying right! You might have to stay at home leaving some important stuff waiting for the delivery of the package. Or it may happen that the delivery of the package happens behind your presence; and it gets damaged.

Parcel locker is the solution to this problem. Your package is safely kept in a container. Whenever you are available you can pick it up from the container. That assures no damage to your product during your absence.

You don’t even have to get some courier trucks for a large package to get it home. You can choose a nearby location of the parcel locker and it gets easier to pick up the parcel.

You save a lot of time by using parcel locker service. You are responsible to pick up your order whenever you want. Don’t worry about fixed timings like a post office. Postal lockers are available at any point during the day. You just need to carry the card and the code for your parcel locker. At any point of time in the day or at night, you can get your parcel.

Cost of Parcel Locker:

Parcel locker service is free of cost. Yes, you read it right. You don’t have to pay any cost for the parcel locker. Every shipping company has a parcel locker facility for its customers. You need to keep in mind just one thing. The package has a time limit for storage at the parcel locker. After that limit, the parcel will be returned.

Thus, the parcel locker is an amazing facility. Once you get accustomed to using parcel locker you will never go back to standard delivery.

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