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A number of people ask this question that does UPS run on Sundays. The main reason behind asking the same is – Sunday is the first day of the week, and with most of the facilities it’s a holiday too. So, they find it a good idea to be informed when it comes to sending across parcels. Here in this post, you will come to know all about the UPS Sunday hours and Sunday Delivery.

Does UPS Deliver On Sunday?

Picture this – what if it’s a last-minute consignment and you need to get it delivered on Sunday. So, can you use the services of UPS? Well, if you have been wondering about something like this, then the answer is – NO, UPS Doesn’t ship on a Sunday except any Express Critical parcel. UPS delivers from Monday to Saturday, but it does not deliver parcels on Sundays.

To add to your knowledge, UPS delivers till Saturday under UPS Next-Day Air, Next-Day Air Early, 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Select, and UPS Ground. However, it does not entertain any deliveries, both residential and commercial, on Sundays.

UPS Sunday Delivery :

Now that you know that UPS does not offer deliveries on Sunday, let’s find out the reasons behind this unavailability on the first day of the week. The main reason is – delivering on a Sunday won’t be any good for the service provider, in terms of profit. This implies that the UPS Store Sunday hours will cost more than what it earns.

Basically, UPS focuses on B2R (Business to Residence) and B2B (Business to Business) services. And, as most of the offices and business houses don’t operate on Sunday, the number of packages available for delivery is less in comparison to Monday to Saturday. Hence, there will not be much profit. In regard to Business to Residential services – its profitability is lesser than B2B services.

Apart from it, if UPS operates on Sundays, it will have to increase its services charges for obvious reasons. First of all, it will need a workforce for delivering parcels on Sundays. Secondly, for a logistics company, operating on a Sunday is a big deal because of the series of activities involved with delivering including – processing, finding delivery fleets and so on.

Does UPS never ever deliver on Sundays?

Well, UPS does run on Sunday sometimes, in case the parcel is booked under UPS’s Express Critical Packages. It is among the fastest services provided by the company. Most importantly, it is different from the regular packages of UPS and you cannot send any ordinary products via it. It is strictly for critical and time-sensitive items. Any parcel sent using UPS Express Critical is delivered anywhere in the US and the service is available all year long.

Does UPS offer same-day delivery?

In case you have any last-minute orders to make that you want to be delivered the same day, you can opt for UPS’s same-day delivery services. And, if you want to know more about their same-day delivery services, you can either call them or visit their website for more details.

Does UPS Store Open On Sunday?

Of course, UPS is open on Sundays. It’s just that they don’t deliver on Sundays. As far as the main focus of UPS is concerned, it is mainly to serve B2B associations. And, it is preferred by most because it offers quite a few additional services besides regular packaging and shipping. So, you’ll find UPS open on Sunday, but not all, just a few stores remain open. So, if you have to make a booking on Sunday, make sure to find the nearest open store before leaving your home.

What are the features of UPS Express Critical?

When using the UPS Express Critical, you can expect the following services –

  • Your parcel getting delivered within the expected time frame
  • Your parcel getting delivered to anywhere in the United States of America including Puerto Rico
  • The fastest pick-up and delivery services
  • The reliability of door-to-door services

What services are available on the weekends?

As mentioned above, no residential or commercial delivery services are available on Sundays, except the packages booked under UPS Express Critical. However, you can send any shipment under UPS Next-Day Air, Next-Day Air Early, 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Select, and UPS Ground on Saturdays. So, if you need to send anything from Monday to Saturday, you have a number of booking options to choose from.

UPS Sunday Delivery Hours

While the ups stores remain open on Sunday but UPS doesn’t deliver on Sundays. Hence there are no hours for ups to deliver on this day. Generally from Monday to Friday Ups delivers from 8 am. to 7 p.m and on Saturday it delivers from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Exceptions About Sunday Delivery:

Generally, UPS doesn’t deliver any package on Sundays but there is the fastest service given by UPS that’s UPS Express Critical which delivers packages on Sundays too. Otherwise, there will be no option to deliver the package on Sunday.

Conclusion :

Remember, when every minute counts and every minute is crucial for you, UPS is there with its Express Critical Packages to let you send your parcel to anywhere in the US within the committed time. This is one of the main reasons why USP is one of the most favored logistics service providers for both residential and commercial shipments. People trust the name of UPS when it comes to sending parcels across the United States of America in the safest way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. Does UPS Operate On Sunday?

Unfortunately, UPS doesn’t operate on Sundays but in the case of UPS Express Critical, it operates on Sundays as well.

Q.2. Why Is UPS Closed On Sunday?

There is a certain and obvious reason for which UPS doesn’t open on Sunday. There is no much rush for the deliveries to be done on Sundays and of course, it costs UPS very much which is called operational charges for the delivery to be made on Sundays.

Q.3. Is UPS Express Critical The Fastest Service?

If you need the delivery to be made on the same day then UPS Express is the best option. It delivers on Sundays also.

Q.4. Is UPS Express Critical Free?

No, you will cost additional charges for this service depending upon the weight and size of the package.

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