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USPS Complaints | File Post Office Complaints

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If someone is having a problem with the delivery of the mail such as misdelivery, late arrival, tracking, attempted delivery, or some customer service-related issue, you may contact your local USPS post office and or fill the forms put at the office and file your USPS complaints. These matters can be reported to the office –

  • Destruction of mail by contractors or postal employees
  • Computer-related crimes
  • Narcotics-related crimes
  • Reprisal of whistleblower
  • Contract related fraud
  • Any kickback
  • Misconduct by employee
  • Theft of items by postal employees and contractors
  • Investigations and internal affairs
  • Compensation for injury fraud
  • Financial crimes and embezzlements

File A Complaint With USPS  Service :

The specific methods to file complaints with the USPS are:

  1. On-call: A USPS complaint can be filed by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS or 1-800-275-8777 or TTY: 1-800-877-8339. You can raise your complaint by speaking with the customer care executive.
  2. USPS website’s Email US form: The Email US form can be found on the USPS website. Customers can also ask for a refund or raise a claim.
  3. Complaint letter: The letter is to be written to the Consumer Advocate office of the United States Postal Service.
  4. By visiting the post office: The customer can speak to the station manager or the postmaster at his local post office. The USPS Locator Tool can help find the nearest post office, which also provides contact information and location to facilitate easy visiting and helps to find out which post office is open and easy to reach.

File Complaints About Theft, Fraud, Company, And Employee :

Complaints about the company and the conduct of the employees are to be submitted either online, or with the Inspector General (OIG) of the post office. They can also be submitted by calling 1-888-USPS-OIG or 1-888-877-7644, which is the complaint hotline for the ISPS Office system. Mail abuse committed by the company can be handled by submitting an mail. The infractions that the company encourages you to report include mail theft, a policy change, mail fraud, and identity theft.

Filling Online Complaint By Post Office Complaint Form :

To submit the online complaint by using the USPS OIG website or the USPS compliant form your complaint should be about one of these. The specific criteria that the company requires your mail be about should be, but are not limited to:

  • Whistleblower reprisal
  • Theft of items from the mail by Postal employees or contractors
  • Contract Fraud
  • Embezzlements and financial crimes
  • Employee Misconduct
  • Kickbacks
  • Internal affairs and executive investigations
  • Injury compensation fraud
  • Computer Crimes
  • Narcotics

If there are complaints that you would like to register that do not come under the umbrella of any of the above-mentioned criteria, you may speak to the USPS customer service or contact them separately. If the complaints do, here is how to file a USPS complaint:

  • Go to the complaint form page.
  • Fill the required fields.
  • Choose who you are
  • Select Yes or No when asked, “Do you wish to remain anonymous.”
  • In the case, you go for. Yes, then you are not required to fill in any personal information.
  • If you select No, then you have to fill the information like your name, address, contact number, city, state, etc.
  • Then if you are willing to be interviewed, select Yes else select No.

Due to the very nature of their work and their commitment to customer service, it is necessary for a company such as the USPS to have strong, robust guidelines and procedures in place to accept, handle, and resolve any complaints. It is also equally important for the customers to be aware of these procedures and utilize them to the fullest of their capacities to help the company weed out the kinks in their system, remove their weak links, and provide a better user experience.

Conclusion: You can issue any complaint against any problem you are facing regarding usps service. Here in this post, we told you about the way you can proceed with the file against usps. Hope it will help you out. For any queries, you may comment on this blog.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. How Do I Contact USPS Customer Service?

You can call at 877-569-6614 or email

Q.2. How Do I File A Missing USPS Claim?

If you want to file against your USPS claim then you should call USPS National Materials Customer Service and ask them to provide a domestic claim form. Once you get that form, complete the form and mail it to the address given on the form along with the proof of value and evidence of insurance.

Q.3. How Do I File A Royal Mail?

If you want to file a complaint about the delivery or collection, damaged or delayed or to track your Royal mail then you should call at 03457 740740.

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