USPS Delivered To Agent: What Does That Mean?

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Imagine a scenario – a person sends a package to someone, and when the sender tracks the status of delivery, it gives a green signal. But, the main problem arises when the description shows that it is delivered to an agent and you must be wondering what that actually means. There is nothing to worry about as the tracking status shows a green light. It’s just that the package is delivered to the agent.

What is an Agent?

There are plenty of deliveries made throughout the world. These deliveries can be of various types like mails, parcels, business letters, postcards, etc. but there may be a possibility that you are not available to receive the delivery at that time. In that case, the delivery person gives the parcel to a person from your family or neighborhood. The person who receives your parcel on your behalf is the Agent. This is the reason the tracking status shows that it is delivered to the agent. But there is more added to this.

If you live in a university hostel, there are chances that you won’t be able to receive the parcel yourself. This is because the authorities won’t allow the delivery person to enter the premises. In such a case the parcel will be delivered to the hostel security person, and you don’t need to worry as the parcel will be delivered to you in no time. The local staff or security person can keep your parcel with them and can give it to you when you are around. It is the duty of the staff to receive the parcel and deliver it to you on time.

USPS delivered to agent- The bad side:

There is a disadvantage or risk added to this. If a family member, friend, neighbor, or any other agent receives your delivery and fails to take proper care of it, it will land you in trouble. There are many people who have faced this issue in the past and some are still facing, so this section is just for helping them out with this issue. There is a chance that your parcel is with the hostel staff, but somehow unfortunately they lose it.

This can make you suffer for someone else’s irresponsible behavior. If a parcel contains any kind of important document or financial stuff like debit card, credit card, or any such thing then the matter gets really serious. There are chances that kids or any other person staying near your house may claim to be a family member and receive the parcel. In such a case it gets really risky for you to keep your parcel with an agent.

USPS delivered to agent- The good side:

It is not necessary that every person who receives your parcel is a risky one. There is a good side to this too. Imagine you are out for a few weeks, but the delivery is already scheduled then it is always a better idea to get it delivered to an agent who is trustworthy. You can inform the respective person in advance so that the delivery is made to that person only.

The delivery agents are quite smart these days. They don’t just believe and simply give away the parcel to any agent, they initially try to contact you several times and prefer to hand over the parcel to you only. If the delivery person is smart enough, he can ask you the name of the person you want it to be delivered on your behalf. He can then confirm the name and handover your parcel to them and ensure it is in safer hands.

If your parcel is taking too long, contact USPS:

There may be chances that your parcel may take too long to get delivered. There can be various issues behind the delayed service, but to ensure the safety of your package you should immediately contact the USPS and check with them. They will help you out with the accurate status of your parcel and wipe away all your worries about the delay.

Other things you can do is contact the people in your neighborhood and ask them whether they have received your parcel or not. If no one receives it, then contact USPS and they are always ready to help you out. If you stay in a hostel, there are chances that your roommate may take your parcel on your behalf and forget to inform you about the same. In that case, you can just ask him for the parcel and find your package in no time without worrying much.


While summing this up, I can say one thing for sure, that USPS getting delivered to an agent is quite a normal event and can happen with anyone. One must not panic over such small issues and try to look solutions for it. Contact the USPS or the people nearby and try to retrieve your package. Mostly the parcel is delivered in safe hands with proper confirmation of the agent’s identity. Just be calm and look after the issue without panicking.

If still you do not receive the parcel then you can contact the company and ask the delivery person to recognize the person who received your package at the time of delivery. There is no such issue that can’t be solved with proper solutions. All you need to do is keep yourself informed about the measures you can take to solve this issue.

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