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USPS is one of the most renowned postal services in the world and in America, there is hardly any person who does not have heard its name or has not availed its services. USPS certainly has become the most trusted postal service in America and thus whenever any person in America needs to send any mail or document or parcel to anyone the post-service providers that come to his mind are the United States Postal Service. Have such a huge reputation and with a variety of services and different mail classes USPS used to deliver thousands of mail items to the address of the recipients on a daily basis. That means for availing any service of USPS you must need a definite address where USPS carrier will deliver the mail or package. Now the biggest question is what will happen to those persons who do not have any definite address or for the homeless persons. Will the homeless persons will not be able to deliver or receive their package. Is it possible for USPS to carry out such a service where any package or mail can be delivered to anyone without the address? All these questions that arise in the mind of USPS customers will be discussed in this article.

Whether USPS has Any Mail Service For The Homeless?

One of the most common questions that people have in their minds is whether USPS has mail service for the homeless as well. If you also have the same question in your mind then you must remember that USPS has a mail service even for the homeless and this service is called a homeless mail service. America is a very expensive country and it is not possible for every person in America to have a permanent home. So, it becomes difficult for these people to get access to letters or mail or parcels. But unlike other postal delivery service providers, USPS has kept a mail service for these people so that they do not get any difficulty in accessing mail or documents.

Now the biggest question is when the homeless persons do not have any P.O box how it becomes possible for USPS to give access to mail or packages and what such customer needs to do for availing such service. Actually availing such kind of service is very simple and all that the customer needs to do for availing such service is to write an application to the local postal office and let the authority in charge know that you do not have any permanent home and so you want to use the Post Office Box service for the postal service. Once the Post office authority in charge receives your application he will allow the person to use the local USPS Post box.

Rules For USPS Homeless Mail Service :

It is true that the homeless person can avail of the mail service but they have to follow some essential rules and regulations to avail the free Post Office box service. The postmaster of the United States Postal Service will only allow the homeless person to use the Post Office box service if and only if he fulfills the rules and regulations that are set by the local post office. Hence, if you want to avail of USPS homeless mail service then you must have complete knowledge of these rules and regulations. The following are such rules and regulations that are set for using homeless mail service:

  1. The postmaster or any of the clerk of the Post Office must know the homeless applicant
  2. In case the applicant of the homeless mail service is unknown to both the postmaster and the staff of the post office then the applicant needs to provide his valid ID.
  3. The applicant must also give his contact number to the post office so that the USPS carrier can contact him whenever there will be any mail. However, if the applicant does not have his personal contact number then he or she can also give his office contact number.

Conclusion :

This is all about USPS homeless mail service and if you do not have any permanent home or do not have any address then you can avail of this USPS homeless mail service. But it is very essential to fulfill the above-mentioned conditions otherwise the post office will not allow you to avail of this service.

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