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United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the most renowned postal delivery service providers in the world. It is a pioneer in delivering mail, documents, and packages and it has been providing its outstanding service since its inception. It has a track record of delivering the package on time but still, there are many customers who always ask for Proof of Delivery (POD). It is obvious that after a customer sends some important and confidential packages it becomes very essential for them to know whether their package is delivered to the correct recipient or not. That is the reason why it is seen that almost all customers ask for the document of Proof of Delivery (POD). Hence, in this article, we have come up with detailed information about what is proof of delivery, how a USPS customer gets the POD, what categories of mail provide the POD, etc.

What is Proof Of Delivery (POD)?

The Proof of Delivery (POD) is nothing but a confirmation from the receiver of the package that he or she has received it. This POD can be a letter or mail which will contain a lot of information such as the name of the recipient, address of the recipient, the signature of the recipient. Instead of mail or letter, the POD can just be a link that will give the sender the detailed information about the delivery. With the help of this kind of information, the sender can make sure that their package is delivered to the actual recipient whom they have intended to send. Hence, when the sender of the package gets the POD they can become 100 percent sure that their important or confidential mail or package has not gone into any wrong hand. This is the reason why every USPS customer prefers to have POD whenever they send any kind of confidential or essential mail or package.

How Can A Sender Get A Proof Of Delivery (POD)?

When a sender gets the signature of the recipient they become sure that their package or mail is received by the receiver. But customers will not get POD by default rather they will need to demand a signature proof for it. If the customer will demand POD the USPS carrier will ask the recipient to put their signature when they have delivered the package to the recipient and if the sender does not request for it then the USPS will not give so much importance on it. Hence, if any customer wants to avail of the POD service it is mandatory that for them to request for it at the time of booking the package or mail.

What Categories Of Mail Class Provide Proof of Delivery (POD)?

The service of POD is totally free in USPS and all that you have to do is just to request for it at the time when you will book your parcel or mail. Unfortunately, the POD service is not available for all categories of mail service. In USPS, POD service is only available for USPS Priority Mail Express Service and Signature Confirmation service.

POD for USPS Priority Mail Express Service

  • For availing POD for Priority Mail Express Service, you can put the request by email.
  • USPS can provide the signature of the recipient electronically as proof of delivering the package to the correct.
  • For providing Priority Mail Express manifesting service it is seen that USPS offers bulk proof of delivery.

POD for Signature Confirmation service

  • For availing POD for Signature Confirmation Service, you can put the request by email or fax just by giving the article number to the USPS carrier.
  • The USPS customer who has used the electronic option or privately printed extra service labels USPS will provide bulk. In this category of mail service of it is found that the USPS carries retrieves the signature of the recipient in CD-ROM and sends it to the sender of the package electronically.

Steps to Get Signature Proof of Delivery :

If you want to get signature proof of delivery then you must know all the steps that you have to perform for it. Hence we have come out with entire steps that you need to follow requesting the USPS for POD:

  1. First, you need to login to the USPS website
  2. Second, you have to click on the ‘Tracking’ option that can be found under Quick tools
  3. Third, input the Label ID in the blank field
  4. Fourth, click on the Find button
  5. Fifth, click on ‘See Details’
  6. Sixth, under Features category you will find Proof of Delivery link and you need to click on that
  7. Seventh, fill up the entire information.

These are all that you need to do for requesting USPS for POD.

How Proof Of Delivery (POD) Looks Like?

POD will look like an agreement letter that is usually given on the Letter pad of USPS. In simple words, this is a kind of letter from USPS that the packages of the sender were received by the actual recipient. In this letter, signature, and address of the recipient along with that, the information about the time and date when the package or mail was delivered is also specified. At the end of the letter, there will a closing term from USPS and thank you note for choosing USPS for the service.

USPS Delivery Proof

USPS is one of the best and biggest postal services throughout the globe. We have discussed already that USPS provides its customers a delivery proof and how can you have that proof. All these queries have already been solved out. Hope you will be helped.

Proof of USPS Delivery:

The meaning of this heading is in itself. It means that the receiver of the package would give a confirmation to the delivery agent that he/she has received the package successfully.  It looks like an agreement form, fill it and give back to the agent.

Conclusion :

USPS provides the tracking number on the receipt of many of their mail service. USPS tracking is also very reliable and with the help of it, you can easily track whether the package is delivered or not. But with a tracking facility, you can never determine whether it is received by the actual recipient or not. It may happen that the package is delivered to the correct address but not to the recipient whom the sender wanted to send. This is where POD becomes very essential. But this service is only available in 50 states in the US.

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