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USPS provides many services in which usps redelivery is one of them. With the ever-changing and ever-evolving lifestyle, there are many good things that have come into existence. However, there are many inconveniences that have also cropped up, even in areas we generally tend to avoid or take for granted. For instance, something as basic as receiving mail has become an iterative and tiresome process, mainly because of the unavailability of anyone to collect the mail. This may be because of job or social compulsions. But the problem does exist. But don’t worry if you missed your mail by usps, it provides a service called Post Office Redelivery.

What is USPS Redelivery Services?

who may have missed receiving their letter, parcel or any other special service the first time the delivery was attempted. The postal department generally delivers post to the mailbox of the recipient. However, there are certain situations in which this cannot be done like

  1. The package consists of a parcel that cannot fit into the mailbox
  2. The intended delivery requires a received receipt or signature from the recipient
  3. The delivery incurs certain charges to be collected from the recipient
  4. The package cannot be left and needs to be handed over only to the recipient

In such a situation, the delivery person of the service provider typically leaves a note on the customer’s address about the attempted and missed delivery. The customers always have an option to pick up their delivery themselves, from the designated pick up centers of the service provider. However, if the pick-up option is not feasible for a customer and there is some time between the first delivery date and the date by which the item should be returned to the sender, the postal services would try to reattempt delivery.

The problem with random re-attempts is that the customer may miss it again due to the same reasons as the first time as if they are out for work. Hence, the service providers allow the customer to arrange the redelivery as per their convenience. In the following section, we take a look at how can a customer typically arrange for redelivery of their letter, parcel or any other post.

Schedule a Redelivery :

In case you have missed out on a delivery and have received a note to the effect, there are multiple options for you to request redelivery of your postage. In the redelivery request, the service providers allow you to specify the date on which you will be available to collect the parcel. However, you may not be able to decide on the time of delivery, as the service providers define their own delivery schedule and route and hence may not entertain the request for a specific time. You may schedule the Redelivery online.

Although each service provider has its own specific requirements and guidelines for their redelivery service, some of the common rules followed by nearly all providers are

  1. Redelivery cannot be requested for the same day as the first attempt for delivery.
  2. There may be a requirement of prior notice of two business days or more between the date, the service is requested and the date on which this service is requested.
  3. If redelivery is scheduled one day before the item is due to be returned to the original sender, and the delivery attempt fails, the item will be returned to the sender as required
  4. The redelivery will only be done on the address as mentioned in the post. The address cannot be changed for redelivery purposes.

Who is authorized to receive and schedule my redelivery :

The next important point to be understood is who is authorized to receive an item that is being requested to be redelivered. This is dependent on the type of address to which the redelivery is being attempted.

  1. Residential address: The most common type of address for a post-delivery and the one having the highest probability of being missed is when the item is to be delivered to a residential address. If you are arranging for redelivery of your letter, document, parcel or any other service to a residential address, any responsible member of your family can collect the parcel. You may also authorize someone with a letter of authority to receive the post on your behalf. This person can then receive your mail at the address or even go and pick it up from the nearest pick-up facility.


2. Business address: Another common type of address where the post is generally delivered is a business address. This type of address has far more restrictions than a residential address. The mail can be delivered to a business address only on days when the business is operational. Weekly office or public holidays cannot be selected as redelivery days. Also, some businesses have restrictions on the number of days on which they will be receiving mail. This needs to be adhered to strictly by the postal company and hence, needs to be factored in while scheduling redelivery. It is important for an individual to be present and sign the receipt acknowledgment when a post is delivered during delivery. The post cannot be received by a business as an entity.

It is important to note that while the postal services expect an individual to be present and acknowledge the receipt of a parcel, they do not verify the authenticity of the individual receiving the post.

How To Request USPS Redelivery?

Having seen two of the most critical aspects for scheduling redelivery, viz. redelivery date and redelivery address, let us now take a look at the modes by which redelivery can be arranged.

  1. Manual Form: The oldest and most simple method is to fill up the form in the delivery attempt note left by the service provider and placing the same in the mailbox. While doing this, care should be taken to follow the guidelines of the provider for selecting the date of the redelivery.

If the provider requires two business days for arranging redelivery, it should be ensured that the fact that this request will reach the service provider only at the end of the next day at the earliest, is factored in, when calculating the redelivery date and you can take redelivery confirmation.

2. On-Call: Most service providers have a support or helpline number on the delivery attempt notification, which can be called for scheduling redelivery. It is up to the customer to verify whether this usps redelivery phone number is available 24 X 7 or only during specific business hours before calling. This information is generally available on the note itself. However, if it is not, the same should be verified from the service provider’s website.

3. Online: Another common and most popular method of scheduling redelivery of your missed post is by logging on to the service provider’s website and filling up a redelivery form available there. Almost all service providers have a redelivery request form on their website, which is easy to understand and fill by any of the customers.

4. Email: Although filling up an online form is much faster than email, this option becomes really helpful if you are facing a technical issue while filling up the online form on the website.

5. QR Code: This is the most recent and technologically most advanced method of booking redelivery. However, more than the customers, the availability of this option depends on the postal service provider. If they print the QR code on the delivery attempt notification note, the customer can access the form with the help of the QR scan option on any internet-enabled smartphone, to fill-up the form and schedule the redelivery.

USPS  Redelivery Form :

PS 3849 Front:


PS Form 3849 Back :


Post Office Redelivery Service Availability :

It seems like a great option, isn’t it? In the hectic routine of your daily life, this is one worry less. Even if you miss out on postal delivery, you can always schedule redelivery at your convenience and don’t need to miss out on your mail.

However, the availability of redelivery services may be restricted depending on

  1. The service provider and its policies and reach
  2. The type of parcel being attempted to be redelivered
  3. The time available between the desired redelivery date and the date on which the post needs to be returned to the sender.

Most service providers give an option to check the redelivery service availability at the desired address while filling up the request form itself.

Post Office Redelivery Cost :

Another worry that the intended recipient may have is the extra charges to be incurred while requesting redelivery. Typically, the redelivery services are provided free of cost by the service provider. However, if receiving the parcel incurs certain costs, they will not be waived off just by requesting a redelivery service. The recipient will still need to pay for it.

How To Cancel USPS Redelivery Request

If you have raised a request for the redelivery of your parcel then you would have got a confirmation mail from USPS. This confirmation number is essential for those who want to make changes in their redelivery request.

  1. Click on the given link that is described as “Edit this request“.
  2. Enter the confirmation number.
  3. There will be several options to change. Make the change whatever you want.

Cancel Redelivery Over A Call

You can also cancel your redelivery request over a call. Call at 1-800-275-8777 this number and you can cancel your request by talking to any USPS servant.

Conclusion :

Here was the complete detail for the USPS Redelivery Service that how it works and how it plays an important role in USPS services. Here you can check all detail related to schedule redelivery for USPS services. I hope you get all the information regarding this service. If you have any more queries about the redelivery of usps then you may comment on this post we will connect to you soon and will help you in the right way.


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