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USPS Return Receipt Cost And Form | Domestic And International

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United States Postal Service (USPS) provides domestic as well as the international return receipt. This is a type of receipt which the customer can get after their mail is delivered to the recipient. Thus it acts as evidence of delivery of your mail.  In the USPS return receipt, there will be the date of delivery of the mail, recipient’s signature and the detailed address where the mail is delivered. Form this information the mailer can have a piece of mind that their mail is delivered.  But if the mailer wants to avail of this option it is necessary to add this option at the time of delivering the mail.

What Is USPS Return Receipt?

USPS return receipt is a kind of receipt that the mailer receives once their mail is delivered to the recipient. This kind of receipt is also called as ‘Green Card’ or ‘USPS return Label’. There are two ways by which mailers can receive the return receipt of their mail and they are Hard copy by mail and electronic receipt by email. However, out of two options, the mailer is free to choose any kind of option at the time of mailing. But in case the mailer chooses the hard copy option then they will get the actual signature of the mail whereas in case of the electronic option the mailer will get a copy of the signature of the recipient. Thus this kind of return receipt is very essential for the mailer which guarantees that their mail is delivered to the exact person or address where he wanted to deliver. But the most important thing to remember is that the mailer has to opt for this service at the time of mailing as they will not be able to add this service after placing the order.

PS Form 3811 :

USPS return receipt form is generally available for both the domestic as well as international mail delivery service. When you need to avail of the domestic mail service you have to fill PS form 3811. This form is easily available in almost all post offices in the US. It consists of a bar code along with a tracking number. However, this tracking number is not like a normal tracking facility with which you can track your mail or items. But this tracking number helps to provide tracking information on the physical receipt of the mail.

ps form 3811

USPS Return Receipt Cost :

As discussed there are two types of options that the mailer can choose the return receipt of their mail. They are:

  • Return receipt by Mail
  • Return receipt by E-mail

While choosing the first option, i.e., return receipt by mail you will have to pay an amount of $ 2.75. In this case, you will receive a physical receipt.  But if go for the second option, i.e., by e-mail then you only have to pay $1.45. In this option, you will receive a copy of the original receipt.

Apart from these two options, you can choose many other combined services along with the return receipt. One such service is certified mail. The normal cost of certified mail is $3.35. But if you want to avail the physical return receipt of the mail then it will be a little costly and you will need to pay $6.10. But in case of electronic receipt of certified mail, you have to an amount of $4.80.

USPS domestic and international return receipt :

Just like USPS domestic return receipt, USPS also has the option for international services. If the mailer needs to send their mail or package to any foreign country and wants to avail of the detailed information of the mail delivery service then they have to go for USPS international return receipt. In such cases, the mail has to fill PS form 2865. This form is also available on all post offices in the US. All that the mailer needs to do is to go to the nearest post office and ask for this form and fill the front side of the form. This form is almost the same as that of the domestic one and once you fill out the form you have to pay for the applicable fees. The cost of the first-class international return receipt is $3.85. The international return receipts are only returned by airmail and so you cannot view it online. Just like the domestic one you also have to avail of this service at the time of mailing and cannot add the service after placing the order.

Conclusion: The detailed information of return receipt of domestic and international addresses have been discussed in this post. We also told you about the PS form 3811. We hope you understood all that details. For any queries, you may contact to us.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. How Do I Get Return Receipt From USPS?

You can get return receipt electronically or by mail. You can track the return receipt by signing in or by calling 800-222-1811.

Q.2. How Long Does It Take To Get A Return Receipt From USPS?

Generally, it takes 3-5 days to get you a return receipt unless you send it Priority mail 2-3 days service.

Q.3. Do You Get A Return Receipt With Certified Mail?

Yes! Additional services of certified mail include Return receipt.

Q.4. What Is Return Receipt For Merchandise?

Return receipt for merchandise service is a type of return receipt form that provides the sender a mailing receipt and a return receipt. Once the delivery is done, you have to mail the return receipt back to the sender.

Q.5. Can I Track USPS With Receipt?

Yes! You can track USPS with the help of a receipt. You just need to enter the label or exactly the number provided on the receipt.

Q.6. Where Do You Put The Form 3811 On An Envelope?

On the backside of the envelope.

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