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How To Return A Package to Sender | USPS Return to Sender

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Generally, when you do any shipment in USPS you are required to put both the senders as well as receivers address. But since the USPS carrier receives thousands of packages every day there can be some mistakes at the end of the sender or USPS carrier or the address of the actual recipients may have changed due to which the package may get delivered to some wrong address. This kind of delivery is called as junk mail or junk package. Now the question is what the receiver has to do in this kind of situation. This might happened as the mail or item might be sent to the previous resident. Under such conditions, it is very important for the receiver to identify the mail and return it to USPS so that they can send it to the sender.

How To Return a Package To Sender?

When a receiver observes that he has got a wrong package or mail he should send it to the sender. The package may contain some important piece of information or items which may be of immense value for the recipient who was supposed to receive it. But mistakenly you may have received the mail which is of no use for you. Under such circumstances, it becomes your responsibility to send the package to the sender of the package or return it to the USPS. USPS has come out with an option to deal with this kind of problem. All that you have to do is to send the junk mail to the USPS and USPS will send it back to the sender.

Return To Sender  USPS :

Before you return the junk mail or package to the USPS for sending it back to the actual recipient you must know the actual procedure that you have to do under such circumstances. So, in this section we have come out with all the steps that you need to do during such a situation:

  • Collecting the mail or package: The first thing that you need to do is to identify that it is a junk mail and though it has come to your address actually it is not intended for you. You may have received one or multiple copies of junk mail. So you collect all those copies of junk mail or packages that you have received at your residential or office address.
  • Don’t open envelope: Whenever you observe that you have received a junk mail do not open the envelope. You can easily determine whether the mail is intended for you or not by looking at the envelope as the sender’s and receiver’s address will be there. But if you open the envelope then the process of returning becomes a little tedious and so it is always recommended to return without opening it.
  • Return to the sender: Then you need to write “Return to the Sender” on the mail item or envelope in a bold and clear font. Make sure that your writing does not obstruct the real return address. However, if you already know that the actual recipient used to stay at that address but he no longer stays there then you can write “No longer at this address, Return to Sender”. In short, you can also write as “Addressee Moved” or “Wrong Address”.  
  • Cross out your address: It is important to cross out your address otherwise what may happen is that the postal worker may deliver it again to your address. Crossing out your address will ensure that the postal workers understand that it does not belong to you.
  • Drop the mail in the mailbox: Then it is very essential to drop the mail or package in the mailbox. After that just like the normal postal delivery service the junk mail will be carried back to the post office and after processing it will be sent back to the sender.    

How Much Does It Cost To Return a Package?

Returning the junk mail or package to the sender is not a big deal until and unless you have to pay for it. No one will like to pay unnecessarily. So, the first question that comes to one’s mind is how much they have to pay for returning the junk mail back to its sender.

Actually, there is a time frame by which it is totally free to send the junk mail back to the sender. But if you exceed the time limit then you have to pay for it. Again it is not chargeable if you do not open the envelope of the junk mail or package. But if you have opened it then you need to buy another envelope and put the mail in the new envelope and post the mail to the sender’s address. Under such circumstances, you also have to pay the normal postal delivery charge.

Report the Changed Address for Someone Else :

If you find that you get a lot of mail or package for the previous resident of your address you must inform the mail carrier and write an application to the post office regarding this. You should request the post office to leave an mail at your address only when it will have your name in the mailbox. But in case the problem still persists then you have to go to your nearest post office and ask for a change of address form. You need to fill that form for each name of the recipient that whose mail you have received.  Otherwise what you can do is that you can write a serious note to the sender directly and let him know about the situation and ask him to stop sending mail or package at your address.

In case there is no return address on the envelope of the junk mail or package then you must send it to the nearest USPS branch address. USPS will hold such mail for 15 days and then ultimately they will send it to the dead mail office. Once the junk mail goes to the dead mail office post office can sell the items that were there in the junk package in an auction or destroy them.

Conclusion: If you want to return the package back to the sender then all the possible ways have been discussed in this post. In spite of all this, the charges which you will be costed for this return have also been discussed. We hope the information given here will help you out. For any queries, you may comment on the blog.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. How Do I Return Mail To Sender?

The first thing you have to do is to get everything out of the mailbox. Write “Not At This Address” or “Return To Sender” on this and put it back in the mailbox.

Q.2. Who Pays For A Return To Sender?

The sender would pay for the postage when it is returned to them but keep in mind when you are returning a Priority mail or first class mail then the sender doesn’t have to pay when it is returned to them refused. It undergoes the first class mail service.

Q.3. How Do I Stop Return To Sender?

You can just request the destination post office to hold the item for you or have it is being returned. You can also login to your account and request online to put the item on hold.

Q.4. What Does Return To Sender Refused Mean?

It means that the package is refused by the addressee.

Q.5. How Long Does USPS Take To Return To Sender?

After the unsuccessful delivery, the letter carrier brings the package back to the post office, and the post office holds it for 15 days before returning it back to the sender.

Q.6. Can You Track A Package That Has Been Returned To Sender?

NO” once you have returned to the sender, it will be delivered.

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