What If The Accumulated Mail Exceeds Mailbox Size?

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The USPS [United States Postal Service] is a huge delivery agency that deals with mailing packages to various households of the United States. Customers use their services for mailing various parcels from one location to another. One of the most beneficial services of the United States Postal Service is its Hold mail service. With the help of this, a customer can hold the due mail up to several days in case they are out of town or on a vacation.

There is a special option available for people whose delivery is scheduled but is not present to receive it. They will ask you whether you would like to receive the mail later. In this case, you can pick the accumulated package by going to the post office on your own. The second option is that you can ask for the delivery after you are back in town. But what if your mailbox is already full and there is no space left for the next one?

If The Accumulated Mail Exceeds Mailbox Size :

  1. If you are present at home during the time of delivery, the delivery person will surely try to hand over the mail in your hands directly. If the carrier fails in doing this, then he/she may opt for the second option.
  2. If no one is present to take the delivery for the second time, then the delivery person will try to keep as many mails as possible in your mailbox. If the mailbox is completely full, he will have to take the mail back to the post office and leave an acknowledgment on your door regarding the same.

How Can You Put Up Your Mail on Hold?

There are several ways in which you can opt for the hold mail option. In order to help you out, some of the ways are mentioned below-

Visit The Post Office:

In order to request a hold mail service, the person can directly visit the nearest local post office. Ask for the PS form no 8076 and fill it. This form will inform the postal services about your vacation or business trip so that the post office holds your mail for a few days.

Fill in the required details like Name, address, hold mail start and end date, etc. Fill it properly and do not forget to sign at the below. After you’re done filling the form, give it to a clerk and receive a confirmation number for the same.

Keep that number safe and handy as it could help you with further modifications of the delivery date and timings. Remember one thing before going to the post office – to visit the office in its business hours and avoid lunch hours in order to avoid wastage of time.

Hold Mail Over The Phone:

The phone is always a better option to consider. In any case, you do not want to visit the post office, you can just call the post office and request hold mail option over the phone. You can dial the postal service on their toll-free number- 800. This number is for customer care and deals with requests, queries, and other mailing issues of people.

Call them and inform them about your situation. They will give you a confirmation number then. Jot down the number at a safe place where you don’t forget. This number can help you in any kind of further alterations in the delivery date and time.

Request For Hold Mail Option Online:

This option is the most preferred one by the USPS customers. If you really wish to save your time and extra efforts, just go for this method. This method includes simple steps. All the steps are mentioned below for your guidance. Follow the steps and you are good to go. You can hold the mail without adding any extra efforts of physically visiting the post office. Submit the request and it’s done.

Step 1: Visit the Main official website of USPS

Step 2: Check whether the Hold Mail option is available for your address

Step 3: Select the dates or duration for your Hold Mail request

Step 4: Check the details that you have filled in and submit the request

Use the USPS Mobile App:

The USPS provides you with one more option that is the Mobile App of USPS. The app is available on the App Store [for iOs users] and on PlayStore [For Android users]. This app is capable of making your tasks easier by helping you out with every type of query you have regarding the USPS services.

There is a lot more to do apart from holding your mail. You can even track your packages, ship your package online, find locations, schedule your pickup, etc. There is a lot more to explore with the help of their mobile application. Holding mail is the easiest to do when you are doing it through the mobile app.

How To Hold Your mail For More Than 30 Days?

In case you want to hold your mail for more than 30 days, even that is possible. The option is known as the Premium Forwarding Service of the USPS. Customers can hold their mail for up to 1 year by using this option. The USPS will hold your mail and, pack it and mail it to you each week via the Priority Mail Service [only if you use this service]. This is a temporary service that a customer can use for a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum a year.

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