What Is USPS General Delivery?

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United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the most renowned postal services in the world that has its customers throughout the world. It is known for its outstanding customer service and people from all over the world prefer to choose this postal service due to the timely delivery of mail or packages. Over time USPS has observed that there are thousands of customers who do not have their permanent address. For example, people who live in a rented house or student staying in a paying guest or rented house or hostel generally do not have any permanent address. These categories of people face a lot of problems in receiving mail or packages since their address often changes and so there remains a huge chance that their packages are delivered to the wrong address.  Considering all these options USPS has come up with a permanent solution for those persons who do not have permanent addresses which are called USPS General Delivery. In USPS General Delivery instead of delivering the mail or package to the residential address of the recipient, it is delivered to a specific post office and the addressee needs to pick up his mail or package from the post office. Hence with the help of this USPS General Delivery service the person who does not have their permanent address will also be able to deliver their mail or packages.

How can you use USPS General Delivery?

Now that you have come to know what USPS General Delivery is and you must be like to know how to use it. In order to avail of USPS General Delivery the first thing that you need to do is to check in your vicinity which post office offers this kind of service and how far it is from your residence where you are presently staying. If the post office is far away from your residence then you will get huge difficulty in collecting the mail or package. Hence you should select that post office which is reachable from your current residence and so that it becomes easy for you to go to the post office and collect your mail or package.

One best thing about USPS General Delivery is that it is not required for the customer to write the complete address of the post office where it is sending his mail or package or from where the addressee will need to collect the mail or package. The sender does not need to write the street address of the post office. You just need to write the ZIP code of the Post Office over envelopes of your mail or package. With the help of this ZIP code, the carrier will be able to determine where to deliver the mail or package. However, you need to mention your Name, City, and State along with the ZIP code. The following is the format that you need to follow while sending your mail or package through USPS General Delivery:


<Name of the Recipient>

General Delivery

<City of the nearest Post Office of the sender>

<State of the nearest Post Office of the sender>

<ZIP of the nearest Post Office of the sender>

This is how you can send your mail or package through USPS General Delivery. But if you still have any doubt about USPS General Delivery you can easily check this service by sending mail to yourself and then collecting it after a few days. Once you find that USPS General Delivery service works properly you will certainly get the confidence of sending a mail with this system.

Restriction on USPS General Delivery :

The USPS General Delivery service comes up with several restrictions that you must know as a USPS customer:

  • The first and foremost thing that you must know is that you must have proper ID proof otherwise the postmaster will not provide you the mail or package that the sender has sent to you. So, you must carry proper ID proof whenever you go to the post office for picking up the mail that is delivered through USPS General Delivery.
  • While collecting the mail or package you can show any of the following ID proof:
  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card
  • It is true that there no definite time limit has been set by the USPS for keeping your mail or package in the post office or up to what period you will be able to avail of General Delivery service. But still, you should not delay too much as the Post Office will not be able to keep your mail or package for a too long period. In case the Postmaster observes that you have formed a habit of collecting your package or mail from the Post office beyond 30 days then you may encounter some problem as the Post Office will not be responsible if the package or mail lost after 30 days. However, it will not be a problem for genuine customers as you can inform the postmaster for additional time to keep your mail or package if you have any genuine reason for the delay. But for that, you will require filling up a form or you can directly talk to the Postmaster who will certainly help you in this regard. Postmaster is the controlling authority and once you inform the postmaster about your problem he will take a call and let you know how long you will be able to use this service.
  • Another thing that you must be aware of is that the General Delivery Mail does not operate on Sundays or any Holidays.

Conclusion :

Hence you have seen that USPS General Delivery is an excellent option for those people who do not have any permanent address. So you do not need to worry even if you do not have any permanent address and need to deliver your package or mail through the post office.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. How Do I Use USPS General Delivery?

Here, 4 steps are given below to know how to use USPS General Delivery

Step 1. Pick A Location – When you pick a location, determine how long will it take to reach the mail to you. USPS delivery may be done within 2 days to 2 weeks.

Step 2. Ensure The Post Has General Delivery – It’s necessary to see whether the post has a general delivery service or not. The post office that has not this service, won’t be able to
done this delivery.

Step 3. Address The Package or Letter Correctly – Once you confirm the post office has a general delivery service, you can add a correct address for the package or letter you
want to be delivered.

Step 4. Pick It Up Within 30 Days – You can collect your package within 30 days from the post office.

Q.2. Can Mail Still Be Sent General Delivery?

Even if you are on the road, new to town, or don’t have a permanent address still you will get the mail by the General Delivery USPS. The only thing you need to do is to
collect the package within 30 days.

Q.3. How Long Will USPS Hold General Delivery?

USPS can hold general delivery for a maximum period of 30 days only.

Q.4. How Long Can I Use USPS General Delivery?

For 30 days only.

Q.5. How Do I Pick Up General Delivery Mail?

You can head to the post office directly and bring proper identification with you and you can get your mail.


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