Where is the tracking number on USPS Receipt?

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Finding a tracking number on USPS receipt is quite easy. If you are aware of where to look for the number, then it is even easier. Once you find your tracking number, you can use the internet and track your USPS. You can go to the website https://www.usps.com/ or even contact USPS through the phone. You can locate your parcel with the help of this tracking number.

Locating Your USPS Tracking Number:

Here are the ways of how you can locate your tracking number on the receipt.

 Look For Your Post office Shipping Receipt:

Whenever you visit a post office for mailing your package by yourself, you will receive a receipt from the counter. This receipt contains your tracking number on it. The USPS tracking number is at the bottom of the receipt and that’s where you will find it easily. Later, you can track the package with the help of this tracking number.

Take a Look at Your Insurance Receipt:

You may have to purchase additional insurance for your package if the value of the parcel is more than 50 USD. You will receive an additional receipt in such a case. You can find your tracking number at the bottom of the receipt.

 Check Your email For a Confirmation of Receipt:

If you have shipped your package using the official website, you must have received an email confirmation. With the help of this email, you can look for your tracking number.

 Check Your Mail For a Shipping Confirmation Message From an Online Retailer:

If you have purchased something through an online retailer, and they shipped your package with the USPS, they should have emailed you a shipping confirmation receipt. With the help of this email, you should be able to find your tracking number. If you do not receive an email of confirmation, you may directly contact the retailer and ask for one.

 See the Peel off part at the Bottom of a Tracking Label:

Whenever you send a package in-person at the post office, the office person will provide you with a peel-off sticker with a barcode and stick that to your package. The bottom part of this peel-off sticker is to be kept with you as a type of acknowledgment of the shipping. This sticker will have your USPS tracking number on it.

 Flip the Orange Slip:

In case you are not at home to receive the package, you will find an orange slip in your mailbox. This slip can be at your front door too. This slip will guide you with retrieving your missed delivery of package. You can find the tracking number at the back of this orange slip too.

Tracking Your Package:

 Write Down Your Tracking Number:

Always remember to note down your tracking number at a safe place. This place should be something you can recall easily or else you won’t remember where you have noted that. The tracking number differs as per the type of service. So, always jot down your tracking number.

 Visit the USPS website for More Assistance:

You can go to the USPS official website, enter your USPS tracking number and click on “Track Package.” A new page will open which will provide you with information about the whereabouts of your package. It shows where and where your package was sent, where it is now, and when it will be delivered to you.

 Call USPS Yourself:

If the online way is not working for you or you don’t have access to the internet, then you can contact the USPS by phone. Any additional queries will be answered on the call.

All you have to do is Call on 1-800-275-8777 and choose “Track a Package” option from the automated menu. You can also go to the post office and ask someone in person.

How to Retrieve a Lost USPS Tracking Number?

Start with figuring out first that have you actually lost your tracking number or are missing out on something. In order to do that, below are some of the locations to check before you actually report for a lost tracking number.

  • Check the sales receipt of the package if you have got insurance for your package.
  • Check the post office receipt.
  • Check the shipping confirmation email which you received from an online seller.
  • Check the bottom peel off part of the USPS tracking label.
  • Check the email confirming that your receipt by the https://www.usps.com/

What to do if Any of the Above Solutions don’t Work?

If you do not retrieve the tracking number from any of these options, then check whether you have a priority mail express receipt. If you have this, you can visit your nearest post office and the USPS can help you to find your package, only if you are one of the priority mail express users.

But in case you are not a priority mail express user, it is quite tough to retrieve the tracking number as USPS deals with many mails and deliveries every day. If you are able to retrieve your tracking number then it’s better because the other options don’t come with an assurance to solve your problem.

Try all of the above solutions starting from writing down your tracking number as soon as you receive it. This is surely going to help you if you lose the receipt by any chance. If you have the tracking number, you can retrieve your parcel by any means like via phone call, through online request on the USPS website or through the mail.

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